2.21 : Enemy of My Enemy - 2nd to last ep...wow...


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Sep 8, 2001
A hell of a lot has happened this ep. They further stress the fact that the counter agent is rapidly loosing it's effectiveness, and thus Darien can only aford to use quicksilver very little now. He needs shots more often, and with each shot it continues to help him less and less.

A huge shock is that Arnode knows how to cure quicksilver madness! That means that they don't have to worry about figuring out how to remove the gland, or about Darien turning into a psychotic every day or so! At first I thought it was just a last ditch plea, since Darian was about to kill him, but Clair says his data checks out! Quicksilver madness has a cure, and the Keeper has it!

Unfortionately, the Official was completly unwilling to allow this. He was not about to let Clair remove the only means of controlling Darian that they have. Also, the Official was furious wioth the fact that they went behind his back yet again, and that it resulted in Arnode escaping & killing one of the Agency's men in the process. All of it on top of eachother made teh Official order Clair to do nothing to concoct the antidote, or even tell Darian about it.

I personally feel really bad for Darian. He's always been trying to figure out a way to get the gland out of head, or to somehow cure the madness that it causes. He has gone to extreamly desperate measures, only to come out empty handed every time. Now he knows there is a way, and they had the man who can do it. In this, a time where he is far more desperate than ever, it has been torn out from under him.

...In all of the excitement, there is one thing that I was surprised Darian didn't coment on. Crysilis has done what no other mediacal mind on the planet has been able to do. The Keeper couldn't do it...Gather couldn't do it...Kevin Faux(Darian's brother)finally found out how, but didn't tell...and Crysilis finally did it as well. Crysilis can now successfully remove the gland without killing the host!
Bobby was there. He was busy storming a Crysilis stronghold. Thanks to him, Crysilis does not have 6 cloned Quicksilver Glands(unfortionately they got away with a few gallons of QUicksilver).

Oh, and he "upgraded" the van :) It now comes to him via verbal remote, AND is outfitted with a machine gun on the side :D

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