(SPOILER) TWO Earth stargates????


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Jan 23, 2002
In the episode "Slotitudes", Sam and Jack accidently get thrown out of a second earth gate. Whatever happened to that gate? Is this the same gate the NID got their hands on? I know it's not the one the Russians obtained, because they got their one from Thor's ship after it crashed into the Ocean near one of their subs.
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The second Star gate has an interesting live. It was frozen in the Arctic in "Solitudes" where it was crated up and taken back to the US. Spoilers below for Season 3 and 4 about the gate!

apparently it went to area 51 where the NID got a hold of it and used it to do things... like steal technology in Season Three "Shades of Grey". In Season 4 "Small Victories" it was unpacked when SG-1 less Daniel came home from where they dialed to off Thor's ship.
The SGC is currently using the second stargate as their means of transport between worlds.
Spoiler for Season 4 below.

The Russians have the original one

So the answer is I don't know what will happen to the second stargate... or the first one the SGC used.
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