Which plot line do you think is most likely to be used?


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Sep 8, 2001
Polls get messed up every time I try em, so here we are, good ol fashon survey.

Way I see it, they can wrap up the series four ways.

1) The gland gets removed, Darien leads a normal life.

2) The gland is stabolized, Darien continues on with the Agency.

3) The gland kills Darien.

4) The gland is shut off, and Darien comes back to run the occasional mission and have it turned back on again when needed.

Which do you think will be done?
I'm not sure. I'm still trying to deal with the fact that one of my favorite shows is ending.
I will go with number one, they removed the gland and Darien leads a normal life. But will like to mix it with stay with the agency. :lol:

Count me in the group that still trying to deal with the end of one of my favorite shows.

How about they don't removed the gland and Darien stays as he is right now. That should really be a blow. :lol:

Krystal :cool:
Since a sizeable portion of the series has been about Darien trying to get the gland removed, and we just learned that the counter agent is loosing its effectiveness, they had BETTER end the series with something changing.
According to Yahoo! TV listings. In the finale

Spoilers of course

Darrien finds out that the Keep and Fish have hidden from him a way to remove the gland. Probadly the killer gene Arnold talked abouted. Maybe even something totally different. Keep in mind that TPTB may not have known that this was going to be the finale.


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