2.20 : Possessed - The priest in this week's Sci Fi ep.


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Aug 21, 2000
Often time in recent years if a priest of the catholic faith appears in a TV program. They come off worse than Hitler. Mostly in lawer shows. But, the soon to be cancelled Invisible Man had a good portrayal of one tonight.


Darrien Fawk the I man needs a shot to keep him sane. In this ep he was given a chemical to stop it. It had the exact opposite effect. He confronted his childhood after terrorizing a lot of civilians. It seems that a girl Darrien knew in school killed herself and the priest knew through confession what her father was doing. They portrayed the priest as being conflicted over this. The divinity of the confession and all. anyhow I-man left some chemicals from his invisibility behind. The priest gets infected. while darrien gets cured, then a kid does a similer confession that happened years ago. and tries to kill the abusive father and of course Darrien has to cure him before time is. What I liked about this ep. Is that we the priest obeying the confessional rules and then breaking them in the extreme. The gambit of emotion and guilt done through this ep. really made seem like a human who had a strong belief.



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Sep 8, 2001
It was a cool ep, and it sets the stage for something major.

He is becoming immune to the counter agent, and each time it will help him less and less.

Highlander II

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Jun 6, 2001
I think this is the correct episode title. I haven't seen all of Season 2 so I'm not sure - I'm basing this on the date the thread was started. I'll amend if this isn't right.