'Enterprise' Action Figures Coming Summer 2002


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Mar 12, 2001
Plastic incarnations of the crew of the NX-01 will be in stores this Summer, along with full sized phase pistols and communicators, according to a new report online yesterday.

TrekWeb reported that the first Star Trek action figures released by Art Asylum will be a 'Broken Bow' series and will feature characters from Enterprise in standard and 'deluxe' versions.

The Captain Archer set will come with a tricorder, two phase pistols, and a communicator. The deluxe Archer version will include a replica of the captain's chair. T'Pol will be packaged with a tricorder, communicator, two phase pistols, and two sets of hands. Her deluxe version will be accompanied by a replica science station.

Weapons officer Malcolm Reed will come with a phase rifle, carrying case with two phase pistols, and spatial charges. A deluxe Reed will be available with a replica tactical station. Travis Mayweather will come with a tricorder, phase pistol, communicator, and two sets of hands. Predictably, the Mayweather deluxe set will have the navigation station packaged with it.

The figures will stand seven inches tall. The deluxe versions will come with accessories that will form the Enterprise bridge when assembled together with parts from the other figures. There are plans to release full size replicas of a communicator and phase pistol, which will be full sized and feature flights and sound.

Two more figures released this Summer will be 'Klaang the Klingon' and 'Suliban Enemy' sets. Both will be sold with accessories ranging from a Klingon Bat'leth to flexible Suliban bodies. Deluxe versions will come with a sickbay bio-bed and a temporal chamber, respectively.

More Enterprise figures will then be released in the Autumn. Archer, T'Pol, Hoshi Sato, and Charlie 'Trip' Tucker in space suits will be released. These sets will include a tricorder, communicator, phase pistol. Tucker's set will include an engineering kit.

Art Asylum acquired the worldwide license to make toys based on the various Trek series late last year. In their December announcement, the company announced plans to make toys based on Enterprise and Trek X in time for its release late this year.