What makes Lex go bad??


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Feb 22, 2001
So we all know how the superman story ends up with Clarke and Lex hating each other and all that but my question is what do you guys think makes Lex and Clarke turn against each other?

At the moment they seem like friends...with Lex going to Clarke in the episode X-ray....

Do you think its because Lex finds out the Clarke has super powers or is it because Lex is expected to turn out like his father a bad person??

Or do you think Lex is already a bad person...he was quite horrible to the reporter in X ray!!

Until i watched X Ray, i did wonder about that. But i think maybe Lex is 'evil' or at least something close. i mean he must have done something to peak the reporter's interest in his youth.

And his quote: "Trust me, when i make something disappear, it stays that way." Indicating he's not new to underhanded deals.

I think his 'friends with Clark' thing might be because he's interested to find out how Clark saved him from the car crash (that is why he employed the Reporter after all), and he's using the guise of friendship because he's not above such things.
If I remember correctly and if the show follows the comic book, lex and clark were friends until Lex blamed him for an accident that ruin his lab and experiments. In the tv version Lex could blame Clark for the loss of his hair (when the meteor hit) and making his father hate him even more.
I think that while Lex tries so hard to be unlike his father, he loses some of his self in the process, and he feels like he could never be good enough for his father, and he feels unloved since his mom died etc. I think its loads of stuff together that makes his turn evil gradually. Events and incidents with various key people in his life that changes him in subtle ways.
I dont read the comics or watch many of the old films etc, so i dot really know what i'm talking about, but there ya go, my 2 cents!

Lex is all ready bad. He's not trying to be unlike his father he is his father and is trying to best him at every turn. He just knows that you have to have some friends on your side thats where Clark comes in.
Is it me or is Lex not soooo bad anymore? he seems to have chilled out or am I imagining things?

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I agree Annette! He seems more in control of his own path in life but that could be just me thinking too much in to things. Lol.

Lex is just bidding his time. His badness has not mellowed. The calm before the storm.
Yeah some intresting stuff..like some here I have never read the comics or really watch the films...
I don't really think that Lex has mellowed..I think for me its just that I like him more! So I don't really think about his 'bad' side.

He is my fave character at the moment!
He is quite gorgeous! I wasnt sure about the baldness at first but now i'm used to it, he's pretty damn fine!

Hmm, i think that we're beginning to see Lex as he is in the future, or a little snippet of him, he isnt quite there yet, but i'm sure it'll all unravel next season (which i cant wait for btw!). Its hard to hate lex as he is now, because he still seems to have this bit of goodness in him, even if it is only surface goodness, its more goodness than his father has (sorry if i seem inarticulate lol, just come back from exam). I'm sure i'll add some more when i refresh my mind :D (coffee fix!!!)

At the moment my thoughts on him have not changed that much...Im sure they will if we find out that he does do something that he should not (trying not to use spoiler warning there)

Most of the time Im really not sure what to make of the guy but it is intresting to watch..he is a great character! :cool:
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I didn't really think Lex was bad, just with the potential to become greedy for power. I'm waiting for a big storyline to turn him against Clark, cos I reckon it has to be something pretty big.
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It doesn’t take much to get on Lex's bad side. He is always being blackmailed for something. As for Lex turning on Clark it has to be Clark foiling one of his schemes for Smallville. I don't think Lex will find out about his powers. In the series (lois and clark) and cartoon Superman always stopped on of Lex's plan to rule the world.
Yeah Im kinda looking forward to the whole Lex and Clark friendship to blow up too.....oh Im so mean!! LOL
Constant betrayal

Every time Lex begins to trust someone they betray him or abandon him which 9 out of 10 times is his father's doing. Last season he learned that his childhood nanny who loved him didn't abandon him, but was fired by his father who wanted complete autonomy over him to make him into his image. Then, he discovers that his father lied to him about his brother. His wife tries to kill him even though she was the first person whom he ever completely gave his heart to sense his mother's death. I almost forgot about the woman who used her pheremones to make all the men in town do what she wanted, and tried to marry Lex to take his money and later have Jonathan Kent kill him. Constant betrayal of trust and a cold hard-hearted father are what's going to turn him into the Lex of the future.

In like manner, a caring close family like Clark's with strong moral values and work ethics are going to make him into the Superman he'll become.:D
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