Embarassing thing at the movies

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Not sure this is anything to do with LOTR's...
This is more to do with general discussion.. Just because someone has someone started with LOTR... it will move onto other movies... which is not a bad idea..

I have some terrible things happen to me while at the movies
at the theater wathching the exorcist with my sister and her date,
the scene where linda blair turns her head around my sister grabs my arm, screams and digs her fingernails into my arm and cuts me. while bleeding all over the place the people behind us thought i was possessed by a demon because i have blood all over my face from my sister going histerical holding my arm up to stop the bleeding (where she got that idea from is still a mysery). she then drags me out to the lobby to go the bathroom and as always there is a line to the female restroom. i'm standing there bleeding to death and about to pass out, she is screaming at everyone to get out of the way. everyone is looking at me like i am crazy and several people turned in there tickets to the movie thinking its that scary. fortunatly there was an ems tech there who helped me out. a couple of people threw up at the sight of me all covered in blood. that was a fun night!!!
whoa that's crazy!!!!! nothing interesting happens to me at the movies
you want to know whats funny about that story Dark, is that you would have thought that your sister would have grabbed her date.
Not going to the cinema with ur sister... ever .......LOL
Originally posted by Jedispara
you want to know whats funny about that story Dark, is that you would have thought that your sister would have grabbed her date.

that is exactly what my mom asked her, turns out she only went with him because she had no money and wanted to see the movie thats where i came in she did not want to be alone with him. needless to say she did everything i said for a month.

and no i never went to a scary movie with her again!!!!
oooh dark thst really bad!

I nearly cut my lil finger off one time on a coke can...eugh too much blood everywhere - the popcorn turned a nasty shade of red...
uhh, gross! Dark, good job, if you want some help on chores in teh future , you know what to do?
When I was working in a cinema..we had people passing out left right and centre while watching Hannibal...people throwing up too...geez, some people are SOOOO sensitive ;)

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Woah scary stories folks!

I have a non-scary cinema one:
I was watching "Moonraker" (embarassing I know :blush: ) with my cousin, it was one of those cinemas where the pop came in very similar containers to the popcorn, and when I passed her the pop she plunged her hand right into it, mistaking it for the popcorn! Very funny, and made even better cos she got it all over her white jeans (hey, it was the 80s!!!)
I think if I were her..I would have died of embarrassment :D

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I went on a date to the pictures with this guy. After he finished his popcorn he thought it would be funny to put the tub on his head and bang it to the music (It was sister act 2).

Ok, looking back it was very immature and weird, but we were only 13. I thought it was hilarious cos he was annoying everyone.

However, if a date did that now at the pictures I'd probably run a mile. :D
I was in cineworld Monday b4 last I think, watching the Ali G movie w/ friends. Its a luxury theatre complex so the seats are all raised and lovely velvet and whatever...I got my foot stuck between the two seats in front for the whole movie and it hurt SO much...everytime i luaghed my foot got wedged in more - by the end of the film I couldn't walk cos it hurt so much. I just sat on the floor and laughed.
well it was apart form the PAIN!:D I was limping around town for ages...i was limping into all the shops with Legolas posters in them and I was limping to McDonalds....<laughs> was very stupid of me to do it in the first place so...:)
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