Embarassing thing at the movies

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Lady Schatten
Dec 15, 2001
We were watching LOTR with my friend...We bought lots of popcorn (of course)....in the middle of the movie my friend asked me to hold the popcorns for a while.Then she wanted them back,but I said "no,u gotta tell me Frodo is the cutest male in the world before I'm even going to show the to u!"Everyone knows my friend is "soooo in love with the S.E.X.Y:dead: -legolas"and I'm sooo in luv with the awww-so-cute-Elijah;)....and then she said:"Of course he is cute!Oh and look at those tennisball-sized eyes!Ohhh they're soo cute!And those feet!I could DIE for them!Oh aren't they lovely?So un-hairy,tiny, little hobbit-feet!"and like that wasn't enoug,the camera took a close-up on Frodo so I saw his rubbery,big,yucky-hairy hobbit-feet...and then i started to laugh SO loud evry1 looked at me with a terribly-angry face...like THAT wasn't enoght yet,(i gave my popcorns to my friend)she dropped them onto the floor cos she laughed so loud too....then we settled up a bit...and then someone came from the toilet and walked OVER our popcorns...with a terrible noise,of course...and every1 looked at us again with EVEN ANGRIER face:D and we started to laugh again:D ohh it was embarassing!
Oh i did something like that! I has a bag of sweets and i was in a really posh cinema with only 50 or so ppl in each screen room, and so i put the sweet bag in the cup holder. I was sitting on the end of a row, and I also had on of those HUGE paper cups full of coke. I put the cup on the armrest (NOT in the cup holder). I moved my arm and nearly knocked it off. I went ot grab it in an extremely tense moment in the film (dunno what film it was tho!) and then....CRUNCH! I hit the bag hard and the sweets went everywhere and the bag made the loudest noise ever! I cowered in my seat covered in sugar and coke (yes, it spilled!) laughing so hard i had to stuff my fist in my mouth to stop me from yelling out loud oh it was soooo funny!
Sounds like something my friend did at Imax.
She was watching a 3D film about nature and birds and stuff, and then suddenly, a flock of birds go screaming past, and she was holding a bag of lollies, and they literally went eveywhere!! Up in the air and all! They got showered with M&Ms :D
I wish I was there to see it, I wouldve had to run to the toilets :D
wow...... thats never happened to me either.....
Originally posted by Sinistra
well, we could arrange it...

thats cruel! and seeing as i spent all day friday in hoppital! thats just cruel:(
I went into A&E (or Casualty or...what u call in in america?) when I had concussion cos I fell of a chair and there was ppl being sick all over the place and this one guy has cut his hand off and there was blood all over the place but i got shunted to the front of the Q because i was in danger of slipping into a coma and so I got out of there really fast thank God!

Back to the topic anyhow...

When i wus watching LOTR I needed the loo really badly - too much coke! So I missed the very first bit of weathertop where the Wraiths r advancing on them with swords-a-plenty...

was that bit good?
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