Favourite character?

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The chap who played Earl was from 'CandyMan'. He seems to pop up in quite a few programmes.

annette :D

What is there about baldness and evilness that's so sexy? (In any other context, that would be SUCH a wierd statement...)

tell me about it!
when i deescribe vin as bald and evil in his movie they go,............."ure crazy..........." lol

lex is the best i think in smallville
oh no he isn't...clark Kent is
sorry guys but how can lex compete with Tom Welling!
Lex is deeper, imho, and has more personality and mystery to him. Michael Rosenbaum has incredible screen chemistry with absolutely everyone, and gives Lex amazing charisma.

On the other hand, Clark isn't a mystery. He isn't dark. He has decent screen chemistry, but it's not up in the same league as MR's. And personally, I find him a bit too sweet and perfect. Give me dark and dangerous any day!

Tesh ~ just imho! :D
Then again, one more thing I have to add... Don't you just want to hug both of them? *looks innocent*
LOL I meant they're both in need of someone to hug them and tell them it'll be alright. (We won't go into anything else, for the sake of people who don't want graphic details...)


>knocks her rings on the keyboard<
KIWI!!! *bounces around* HEY SARAH!! *bounces some more*

Yay another Kiwi Lex fan!!

well i am torn between lana and chole... lana is the sweet girl next door every boys dream and then there is chole the total opposite of lana, always after the truth nothing is taken at face value.
Originally posted by Tesha
KIWI!!! *bounces around* HEY SARAH!! *bounces some more*

Yay another Kiwi Lex fan!!

woohooo!!!!!!!!! lol

hey hey, go NZ and go Lex!! :p
I seem to be the first person to chose someone who isn't on the list.(sorry to be awkward guys) but i thought that girl was really funny who sucked ppls body fat, that storyline totally cracked me up. I think that girl was called Amy.or somethin like that anywayz
the epi was Craving and her name was amy and your right it was a funny epi. Thank you for the idea of a villian section.
Hey ho!

After months of crawling around in the Jack vs Daniel thread I finally decided to go out in the world, and lookie what I found!

After nearly 5 minutes of agonised choosing between Lex and Clark I decided to take upon myself the respectful title of fencesitter. I mean, you just gotta love Lex, such a great character, interesting and mysterious, and man, those eyes.

Then we have Clark, not quite so mysterious, but very cute in a pouty kind of way *giggles* and those eyes... Oy....... We're not even going to go into the scenes where he's lacking a sweater... :blush:

What can I say, I like angsty persons....

So, fencesitter.... Lex or Clark, I'll be happy either way.
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