Favourite character?

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Lurking in the Shadows
Sep 5, 2001
time for a poll in this forum...so, it's only been four episodes so far, but woh's your favourite character?
So far mine is Lex Luther. He isn't as typically american as the rest and he's not quite a bad guy yet . I want to know what turns him into one. So out of the lot he's my fave.
Im kinda tied between Clarke and Lex....I think I will go with Clarke...he is kinda cute too...and vey sweet!! :blush:
Not Clark he's too sugary. yeah the fact they made him nice i like. It means somethings gonna change if its not his own father.
Lex is my favorite too. It does leave you wondering why he goes bad and becomes so obsessed w/ beating Superman, when it was Clark that saved his life. Maybe because Clark is constantly lying to him about it :D

I like Lana too, but Lex gets my vote.
woo hoo Lex is winnoing. LOL
Yep you can't beat those dark characters.
well trust you with your spellingness! :p
anyway they're not that dark and darker chars have more layers anyway. THey are usually more 3d than the goodies.

i haad to vote lexy-wexy! lol
maybe im baised coz i liked him so much with his bald head! (such a dieefferecen from zoe and co! )

but lex is like the ultimatr baddy as we see later on (he dont know yet whch makes it cooler) ok im babbling now

later :)
Another vote for Lex.

He is kinda cute. I must have a fetish for guys with bald heads. (hehehe).

annette :D
I'm gonna break the trend and vote for Chloe. I just really like her. She's smart, inquistive and funny. But also really sweet and sensitive ("You're not outgrowing me as a friend are you?")

And i really like her 'Wall of Weird'!

Also it just wouldn't be superman without a nosy journalist poking around. :D
Chilley please tell me you just did not call Lex Luther Lexy Wexxy:laugh2:
ill hav to go with clark...he's so hot!!! anyway, the premier was only on saturday:cool:

lex in the epi where earl traps all the kids in the plant coz he belives that thers a level 3. at the end u can tell he so admires clark coz clark has a loving family whereas lex has this cruel father who couldnt giv a toss about him. also hes onto clark. but the manin the is that hes jealous.he envies clarks relationship with his parenst. he wants to be clark in a way.
i found that so sad

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