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Lurking in the Shadows
Sep 5, 2001
While trying to find out who plays Lex for Chilly, I found some Smallville websites so thought I might as well share them with you guys :D There's not many, but if you have a good site, just add it and we can get a whole list :D

The first website devoted to the smallville series. Cast list, ep guides, spoilers, MB, usual stuff...

I guess the url gives away what this site is for...unlike the above site, this one says it has fan fiction, which I havent actually looked for yet, but it's gotta be there somewhere...right? Also has fan art and a chat room.,7353,||126,00.html?chosenShow=%2FShows%2FShow%2F0%2C7353%2C%7C%7C126%2C00.html

Ok, long link, but this is WB's Smallville site....

That enough links to keep ya busy for a while? hope so...I'm off to do my essay now :D

Sinistra :rain:
does anyone else know of any more good sites for smallville?
Hey.....try this website. I really like this site and always hooked up with it to watch my favorite shows............

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