The making of 'The Majestic'


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Mar 8, 2001
I'm sure you've all read this elsewhere by now, but had to post it here, too....

Just saw a special on the making of 'The Majestic' on HBO. Of course, they focus on this dude Jim Carrey, but also show a bit of other people talking ;). They show scenes from "Sand Pirates of the Sahara," the movie w/in a movie that Bruce is in. They even showed a little blurb of Bruce talking about it.

Sand Pirates looked cute. Bruce reminded me of a Clark Gable w/o greasy hair! He even had that teenie moustache thing going on!

So, anyway, watch HBO, I'm sure they'll play it many, many times.

UGH, I forgot again, sorry....BUT you CAN go to the movie and see him larger than life! LOL! Please, please let it be playing in po-dunk Wynne when I go home, we have to do something to get us away from the Papaw!!! <mutter, gripe, bitch>
Well, it wasn't on...and I'm not even sure the theatre was open on Christmas Eve anyway....

I forgot to say that I thought at first Bruce's character in the mini-movie would remind me of Jack (how's that for getting on topic :D ) but he didn't so much. Must have been the moustache!! ( Or the missing one-liners) LOL!!

Damn u saw it too!!
Ugh!!! :p
This sux!!

I would go but...
Mom gets a headache watching movies...
Dad talks thru da damn movies!!!
Grandma can't understand english, and I have to translate everything which makes me miss everything.
Bro uses da damn restroom too much!
I can't go wit friends or go by myself cuz I'm not "old" nuff!!!

Ok, dat felt good. :D
Back OT. ;) :lol:
Anybody seen this yet??? I'm wondering if it's worth the small fortune it would take to get my family into the theatre.

Of course, I guess it would be worth it just to see the man in a feature film. I have NEVER seen him on the big screen before....:crying:

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