Tracker: Least Fav Ep?

Sherry D

Nov 26, 2001
The "Roswell" ep didn't do it for me. The villian was a cutie pie, the bathtub scene was... well... a big turn-on! Yet, the plot had major holes. If only that bathtub had major holes! Adrian sitting "nude" as water drains from the tub. Yipee!!!!
The Beast

The episode "The Beast" is by far the best episode, in my opinion. Although I would love it if the show found new viewers, I think that this episode gives some indication of the improvements being made to the show.

I don't want to mislead you into thinking that the next episode is gonna sell you, and you'll be hooked. It's obvious that these early episodes have been rushed, which is a pity. Most folks will view the reruns and decide to not watch the new eps in January... and from what I hear these new eps are gonna have vast improvements.

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