Paramount Planning More 'Epic' Games


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Mar 12, 2001
Saw this online:

Now that Activision is the sole publisher of Star Trek computer games, Viacom is planning more ambitious and epic gaming titles.

Harry Lang, director of Interactive Product Development at Viacom Consumer Products, recently talked to HomeLan Fed about the benefits of having all Trek games published by the same company.

"It will definitely allow more crossovers between characters, ships, and races, which were always difficult in the past," he said. "It will open up new possibilities for crossovers and more 'epic' storylines. You will also see a far less crowded release schedule. With only one publisher, the release schedule can be more carefully and strategically planned."

This means that fans can look forward to a wider range of games in the future. "There are now more possibilities for a variety of storylines based on various properties," Lang continued. "This is something we've wanted to do more of in the past, and now it will open up numerous possibilities for some very interesting storylines."

'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' is the only title currently announced for 2002, but Lang said there are further gaming products being developed. "There are several projects in the works after Bridge Commander for next year and beyond. Unfortunately, right now there isn't much I can say, but we're really excited about what is coming up! You’ll be hearing more about these in the coming months when the timing is right."

There are no immediate plans for an Enterprise game, however. "It can take longer to create a great game than it does a new show or movie," Lang said. "We also want to give the show some time to establish the characters, races, enemies, ships, etc. And we chose not to just quickly put out a game to capitalize on it. It definitely has some appealing qualities that will allow us to do things a little differently than with the other shows."
Not really played many trek games....
Try Star Trek The Fallen. Its a DS9 game and its great! Its kind of like Tomb Raider, and its very faithful to the DS9 Universe. You can play as Sisko, Kira or Worf and each character have different objectives to do.

If you're into Combat games... get Star Trek Armada. Its a great Real time strategy game.

And finally... if you're into games like Doom, Quake or Unreal.... get Star Trek Elite Force. Its a Voyager game and it looks and plays great! You can even play online against other players.

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