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Dec 12, 2001
i know most of you are in the uk. do you get the sci fi. channel ?

i'm in the us

i just starting watching it in season 4, where my local television has just srated showing it.i don't have showtime and have been using the archeive site to download episodes. now that is off-line.

SOOOOO my question is, has anyone heard whether or not the sci fi channel is planning on showing season 1-5 when they start showing season 6 ?

i am grasping at straws here, absolutely desperate to feed my "i need new episodes" addiction.

i'm pathetic ( i won't even start on my danny is leaving pity party)
I am in Dallas, Texas. We're about to start Season 6 on the Scifi Channel. :)
i THINK sci-fil will get the re-runs of stargate. i know the syndi stations will have the option of airing 5 & it is possible that sci-fi might only be able to air 1-4.
there was an old agreement that they got the re-run rights in 2002 before all this season 6 stuff came about.
:eek7: Are you sure they are gonna show season 6 soon because they are only gonna start filming season 6 next year and it won't be aired till 2003 etc go to
that site will tell you everything you need to know..

Hammond of Texas
They usually begin filming the next season in the February(i.e. Season 5 started filming in February 2001 for showing in June 2001 and Season 6 will start filming in February and I think that you guys in the US get the new season's episodes in June 2002.

How the actual timings of when the new episodes might change with Sci Fi I don't know. Maybe it won't. But they won't film it in February 2002 and then wait for over a year until they screen it. For cryin' out loud! (to coin a phrase!)

To answer the question at the beginning of this thread though. Yes the UK gets the Sci Fi channel through Sky or Cable, but it's unlikely that the series will air on Sci Fi. It will probably continue to air on Sky One, no matter what changes happen in the US. MGM sells the rights to the show to Sky who then reserve the rights to put it on Sky One, which is generally the channel that shows like Stargate, Buffy, Angel, Star Trek and any other Sci Fi type shows.

I shouldn't be too concerned if I were you hammondoftexas, Season six won't start showing in 2003, it should show in 2002.

Where on earth do you guys get your weird ideas from?

:rolleyes: :D :rolly2:
Here's a tidbit gleened from a newsletter today.

5. USA Networks hones online efforts

After the sale of its entertainment unit to Vivendi Universal,
USA Networks said it will be renamed USA Interactive to reflect
the company's Internet and commerce holdings. On Monday,
Vivendi confirmed that it would buy USA Networks' entertainment
unit, which includes the company's cable network, the Sci-Fi
Channel, a film company and TV production unit in a deal valued
at $10.3 billion.
December 17, 2001, 7:10 a.m. PT
What station will show season 6? Scifi or Showtime.

Krystal :blush:
Thanks CynVision! I was a little confuse with this. And I was looking Showtime to see when the season six will start. Now I know where to look. :D

Originally posted by Krystal
Thanks CynVision! I was a little confuse with this. And I was looking Showtime to see when the season six will start. Now I know where to look. :D

I think the network on cable will be Scifi, but with the bit of asset shuffling it said the USA Network did in late December, I'm confused exactly who will be owning and funding the series.
When it airs

According to Sci-Fi, the sixth season will premiere in the Spring 2002 (June, everybody figures).

However, the syndicated version of season six will premiere in Fall 2003.

It'll be on Friday nights, and I'm guessing they won't screw with their best show, so they'll leave Farscape at 9pm, possibly put The Chronicle at 8pm (if they don't cancel it) and put Stargate in the 10pm slot.

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