1.01 & 1.02 : Pilot pts 1 & 2


Middle Earth
May 12, 2001
the pilot just aired here in oz and i love it, its a really cool series, just wondering, how many episodes is there of it? was it cancelled in the states after one season, did it last that long?
It's hard to say, it didn't run in a normal season pattern. There were 9 episodes, a ton of repeats, then I think 1 full season. Then we got 13 or so more episodes, then a lot of repeats. According to a very nice web site (for US tv viewers) http://www.sftv.org/sftv/sftvschd.txt we're getting 9 more new episodes in 2nd (or is it 3rd? I'm so confused).
Hm thats good news, but im thinking its really doubtful, its gonna be on here for a full season before they take it off, its just on for the summer break, and will prolly be bumped off when the prime time shows come back in feb, anyways the series is pretty good.
The Invicible Man already have two seasons as Spider mention with 40 episodes so far. And new episodes coming in 2002 probably part of season 2. And is really a great ride. The best part of the series for me personally is that is fun and hilarious.

Check it out the oficial site http://www.scifi.com/invisibleman/

Krystal :cool:
Watched the pilot of this last night, hubby has bought the first season on DVD. Thought it pretty good. The chap who plays 'the invisible man' is quite funny. Not seen him before.

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