Is Corin Nemec SG-1's New Cast Member?


Frelling Wicked
Oct 8, 2000
Scifi Guide reports:

Actor Corin Nemec may be the one whom Stargate SG-1's producers have tapped to fill the big shoes of Michael Shanks ("Dr. Daniel Jackson"), who departs the show at the end of this season. The newest edition of the MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter (November 2001) identifies Nemec as a guest star in the upcoming Season Five episode "Meridian."

Nemec will play the role of Liander Quinn in the episode, though MGM has not yet confirmed that he will continue in the role as Shanks' replacement.

Fans may recognize the 30-year-old actor from his lead role in the early 1990s Fox sitcom "Parker Lewis Can't Lose," a guest appearance in Steven King's "The Stand," or in Disney's "Operation Dumbo Drop." He has also appeared on "NYPD Blue," "Tales From the Crypt" and "Beverly Hills, 90210." He was nominated for an Emmy as Best Supporting Actor for his role as the title character in the made-for-TV movie "I Know My First Name is Steven."

Corin Nemec was born in Arkansas before moving to Atlanta, and describes himself as an "actor, writer, painter, philosopher, poet" on his Web site. He is also a Scientologist.

Previous reports indicate that Dr. Jackson will depart SG-1 in "Meridian" (story), and that the episode will also introduce the new cast member -- though Shanks himself told fans that the new cast member has only been signed for three or four episodes so far (story).

Executive producer previously told fans that Shanks' replacement would be "a big person. You'll know him" (story). He also said that the producers would be gauging fan response to the new character -- possibly before making him a permanent member of the team. 1.shtml

[A Scientologist; how very trendy/actorish of him.]

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