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Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Okay - one of the most popular threads in all the fora i visit -- the NID cloning factory -

they're popping up everywhere like strip malls used to ---

so -- for you enjoyment --- the Highlander branch --

you always wanted a Duncan MacLeod or Methos clone, right? well, now's your chance to get one!

Orders shipped - well - really fast ---

operators are standing by --

and we are taking applications for clone testers ---

i'll be handling the Connor MacLeod clones ---

so, yes, that means Methos and Duncan are both up and in need of testers ----

so --- stop on by!! browse the catalog and place your order --

yes - we have the women too -- Tessa, Amanda, even minor and guest characters ------

satisfaction guaranteed ----

and they can be custom made to your specifications -----

so - what are you waiting for??????? a candy-gram??
Can I get a Kronos Clone? I have a Methos Muse so I don't really need a clone...but I somehow lost my Kronos Muse so I need a replacement....
Kronos Clone on the way --

would you like to be the Kronos Clone tester?? these things need to be tested before we ship them you know....

(can't have quality control problems - leads to no more customers)
anyone else gonna stop in and order?

can't have this thing shut down before it gets going!

btw -- there's a special line of Horsemen out for the holidays -- special low price if ya buy all four!

and you can even opt for the Cassandra clone that goes w/ -- for a special price ----

there's also a Blue Boxer Methos Clone available --- if you wanna take him out in public, you'll have to purchase from one of the clothing lines we offer -- as he only comes clad in the blue boxers --- -
hmmmm...I could test for Kronos....I'm used to homocidal muses so how hard can it be? hmmm....te horseman would be a lot to handle...and I don't want a Cassand...*pauses* wait...maybe I do....go ahead and send me one of those..:evil:
okay - so that's one set of the Horsemen w/ Cassandra ---

no - i don't wanna know ---- just take your clones -- ;)
Send me one Methos to add to my ever-growing collection of clones. Perhaps he can get together with my SG-1 clones and play out "Changing of the Gaurd" for me (you know ecolea just put out part 4?)

BTW, HI!!!!!!! I said hi in your stupid lil forum now. happy? :p

(Everyone? It's not stupid. I just say it to p-o H2. Don't hurt me :()
ha ha morrigan is so funny ----

the HL forum isn't stupid! and ya asked me about fic and such -

whatever -- Methos clone on the way -- standard Methos - black jeans, slightly oversized sweater, mussed hair, long overcoat, Ivanhoe sword ---

you didn't specify, so you get the basic model ----
okay - so, Dia's the Kronos clone tester, I'm testing Connor -

anyone want Methos or Richie?

come on -- get this thread hoppin' - have you SEEN the one in SG-1? now, while it's been a little on the dead side lately - it's got TONS of posts -- it's kinda the 'goof off' thread -- tell stories about what the clones do - and all kinds of things - come on!!!

the machine's gonna suffer w/drawal symptoms or something!
you bet! test away!!

make sure they're all ready and in perfect working order before they're shipped! :)
the clones are supposed to be fully functional - how you choose to test that is completely up to you -- and NO, i don't want to know! ;)
okay, i'll take a methos and richie

richie i can train to be a litter smarter!!!

and for methos i want the one from the horsemen, wild and scruffy;)
clones on the way -- can't guarantee anything on the Richie clone, except that he won't fall apart -- b/c we don't have a Richie Clone tester --

however, the Methos - he should be perfect -- :naughty:
:rolly2: would you expect anything else?...now I on the other hand have to deal with Kronos and let me tell you he is nothing but trouble *sighs* cute trouble..but still trouble

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