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Nov 28, 2001
Which is your fave ep of Tracker so far?? Mine's got to be the one with the now infamous opening bathtub scene. :)
Oh, it was hard not choosing the bartop dance ep, trust me!! LOL
Favorite Episode

My favorite episode is anything with Adrian Dancing. Wonderful but so far -- having seen only 6 episodes -- I must say I've enjoyed them all the stories are really good.
So far I've only seen three episodes, but the first episode is supposed to air tonight and I'm really looking forward to getting to see it. I don't think I could choose between Roswell (the bathtub scene) and Trust (the bar dance). I love to watch Adrian move.

Check out the screen grabs at my Tracker site.
Fav epi?

You're right, Bev....

Choosing between Cole's bathtub scene or strip dancing on the bar..... tough choice, but oddly enough the bathtub scene had so many nuances; innocence, caring, educating, learning & last but by no means least.....understated sensuality; quite alot for a scene that took only a few minutes.... :)

Keep hoping the stations start running promos for it to give fans time to get into the story & make it the hit we all know it can be!

My favourite episode of Tracker was the fifth episode. I liked them all and I think they are getting better and better. What do you think?
Favorite Episode

I have enjoyed them all, and I am torn between Ep 5 & 6 as my favorites. In five, we saw a social issue discussed...we saw the relationship between Cole and Mel grow, and we saw Nestov work with Cole again. I enjoyed Ep 5, and thought it really laid the foundation for the development of Cole's emotions. It was obvious that he cares for Mel, but he doesn't seem to know how to express it or how to comfort her. (stroking her neck instead of hugging her)

In Ep 6, I thought the premise of an alien in a dog's body was pretty unusual. The camera work when we were seeing through the dog's eyes was also interesting. I was happy to see Zin back, because he is a key character in relation to the over all story arc...and we are starting to see that being uncovered. We also saw more revelation in the relationship and potential triangle between Cole, Mel and now Vic. Cole is definitely developing as a he seemed jealous to me. Anyone else?

I don't know which I liked more, but I do know that I liked them both. Can't wait for #7.
Tracker Episodes

I loved all the episodes of Tracker. We started with number 1 yesterday when it came on here in MN on UPN9, KMSP at 5 PM on Saturday instead of it's usual 8 PM on Sunday. However, it was still on at 4 AM Sunday when they showed The Beast. According to our listings it will not be on next Saturday, so after the Hockey games, I'm sure it will be shown again on it's usual time of 8 PM Sunday. I think this is one of the best Sci-Fi shows that have been out in many years. I sure hope it stays.

Favorite ep

You want me to pick a's impossible. Each episode has it' own special gem scene.

Okay, I'll just can't do it. :rolly2:

Barb N

Just keep on Trackin'
I hear that the next episode (Dec 30) called Children of the Night has an alien in a child's body. Do you think this will pose an ethical dilema for Cole? Will he hesitate to "collect" this alien given it is in a child's body? Interesting storyline!
Children of the Night

Oh Boy -- Moral Dilemma for Cole with one of the nasties in a child's body. MMMMMM This should prove interesting since Cole lost his wife and daughter on his own planet to one of the nasties. We will have to watch to see how this turns out, won't we?

Thanks for the up look.

"Children of the Night" may or may not be a tough call for Cole; considering his past loss of wife & child. He may initially find it sad & disturbing, but realizing the human an alien 'takes over' is already dead because of the alien infiltrating the body, then Cole isn't really killing a human, just capturing the 'life force' of the alien to take back to SarTop prison. The should be a very interesting epi...really anxious to see it & watch Cole...... & Mel's reaction too.

Children of the Night Espisode

Yup, Loraine I agree with you. This is going to be a hard one for Adrian to do, too as he likes children. I, too, am anxious to see it. Have a good day and TRACKER FOREVER. LOL

Children Of The Night

Ooo This sounds good. Imagine the child Alien being in the body of a little girl. What a dilema for our Cole. How difficult is it going to be to extract her being? Does she know about Daggon's history? Is she aware that Rhee killed his little girl and will she take advantage and play with Cole's mind? Oh the possibilities of this episode!! Can't wait!! :)
Well, I haven't see all the episodes because I found it too late. But of the two I see(the first and the six). I have to say I really enjoy the six because as hpt2905 mention it was interesting to see the alien inside a dog and how the dog see things, etc. I'm really looking forward to see the reruns.:lol: For the ones you have mention it looks very promising.;)

Krystal :D

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