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Highlander II

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Jun 6, 2001
Okay - I told you I would start this off for you, so you would have something to play with over the weekend -- so, here ya go....

"Well, thank you, Jarod. I don't know what I would have done without your help." The man with the very white hair extended a cold hand to Jarod.

"No problem, Spike. Just don't run around biting people and no one will ever know," Jarod returned, accepting the profferred handshake, and bidding the vampire farewell.

Jarod watched as the leather duster clad man slinked off into the dark cemetary. He turned, walked to the streetlight at the corner, and opened his red notebook. The newpaper articles were not particularly relevant to the gentleman he had just parted ways with, they were more about a gang of men running around 'pretending' to be vampires and nearly getting themselves staked. What a lovely town, Sunnydale. But, Jarod had taken care of that group of 'bad boys' and was prepared to move along. He climbed into his SUV and drove away, leaving Sunnydale behind for now.


Several hours later, the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon, and Jarod spotted a small town creeping into view. Very much in need of rest and food, after being up all night, he decided to stop at the little diner just inside the town.

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"Have a seat, sweetie. I'll be with you in a moment," the waitress flashed a bright smile, while she poured coffee for the cop.

"Thanks," Jarod returned and sat at the counter, keeping his Haliburton near his feet. (the Haliburton is that silver suitcase he carries, the one w/ the DSA player in it)

The waitress with the smile leaned on the counter just across from him. "So, what can I get ya, honey?" She smacked her gum and tapped a pencil on her notepad.

"Um, a bagel and cream cheese, and coffee. Thanks."

"You bet, sugar." The waitress skipped off and tacked the order ticket to the wheel between the counter and the kitchen.

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well, i know it's running in reruns here in the States, but i don't know if it's running in the UK --- <shrug>

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I can't remember, it was mid-way through a season, I couldn't follow it. It's not on here at the moment, at it was shown at an early time when I find it hard to watch TV.
i so know that feeling -- they do that w/ Profiler here - it's only on one night a week at 0000hrs -- (it does come on a cable channel, but it's one of those that my particular cable company doesn't offer - argh) -- well -- keep on the lookout - it might be on again --- and there are VCRs -- but - you can always drop in and read what we've got! maybe we'll x-over w/ something like ST ;)
The waitress returned with a bagel smothered in soft, white cream cheese, and a large cup of steaming coffee. "Here you go, darlin'."

"Thanks," Jarod smiled and inhaled the strong scent of the freshly roasted coffee.

The man beside him rose to leave and pushed his newspaper aside. Jarod glanced at the stories on the page, noticing one story -- a strange man had appeared in the center of town and immediately collapsed. He had been taken to the hospital where doctors discovered that he was not human. Then, a second man had appeared in the same location, and he had, also, immediately collapsed. He, however, was human. The doctors were still puzzled.

Jarod twitched an eyebrow. "Excuse me," he called to the waitress.

"Yeah, honey?" She popped her gum.

"What do you know about this?" he asked, pointing to the story in the newspaper.

The waitress shrugged. "Not much. But it happened right out there." She pointed toward the large, plate-glass front window of the diner. "Real weird thing tho. These two guys just appeared out of nowhere and collapsed. No one knows where they came from or nothing."

"Thanks." Jarod glanced at the newspaper again. "What do I owe you for the food?"

"Nothing. It's on the house, sugar." She smiled, a big smile, and collected his empty plate and cup.

"Thanks." Jarod tossed a five on the counter. "Your tip." He smiled and exited the diner.



Jarod strolled the halls in his newly acquired doctor's garb, toting a chart and looking knowledgable. He located the room containing the two 'odd' patients and entered silently. He placed the chart he was carrying on a nearby table and crossed to the bed of one of the men. Examining this man's chart, Jarod found himself quite puzzled. This man was not a man, but apparently a machine, a robot. Jarod then looked at the patient; his skin was quite pale. If he was a robot, why was he not working?

Jarod scratched his head, then turned to the second man. This man had a strange object attached to his face, across his eyes. Apparently the doctors had opted not to remove it. Reading this man's chart, Jarod learned the man was sufferring some form of head trauma. That did not sound right to Jarod, so he performed his own examination. He shook his head and administered a treatment he was sure would be successful.

"Excuse me," Jarod spoke, shaking the man. "Are you awake?" he asked the redundant question most people seemed to ask of sleeping persons.

The man grumbled something, put a hand to his head and slowly sat up, swinging his feet to the floor. "Where am I?"

"This is Enterprise."

"What?" The man glanced up in utter surprise.

"This town, it's called Enterprise." Jarod was confused. Why would that be so shocking?

"Oh." The man seemed to ponder Jarod's face. "Who are you?"

"I'm Dr. McCoy." Jarod thumbed his nametag. "Jarod McCoy."

The patient seemed to sigh with relief. "Okay. Um, where's my friend?"

"You mean him?" Jarod pointed across the room.

"Yeah. What happened to him?"

"I'm not sure. Everyone's just said that you both appeared out of, seemingly, nowhere and you both just collapsed."

"Hmm. Well, can I try something?"


The patient with the contraption on his eyes crossed to his pale friend. He lifted the robot from the bed and reached underneath him. Suddenly, the pale man snapped into an upright position, bent at the waist, his legs flat out in front of him.

"Wow!" Jarod replied, astonished. "I've never seen that before."

"Yeah, and please, don't let anyone know about that either."


"Would it be possible for you to help us?" the pale man asked.

"First, I'll need to know your names."

"I'm Geordi La Forge and this is Data. Now, we really need your help."

"Ok. What do you need me to do?"

"Get us out of here."

"I can probably handle that. Come with me."

Jarod led La Forge and Data through back corridors and winding passages that delivery personnel used, and showed them an exit to an alley behind the hospital.

"Thanks for your help."

"Hold on. I should go with you. You, obviously, know nothing about this time period, and this town. You could use my help."

"He is correct, Geordi. We require appropriate clothing and directions," Data explained.

"Right. You're on board. Now, can you find us some clothes?"


okay - that's my contribution for quite some time -- (and maybe Dave can even jump in now w/ the appropriate ST-related anamoly that would have dropped the 2 TNG guys here) -- someone else have a go --- more than one sentance --------
well - you'll have to wait a little while, b/c i used the little bit of inspirational spark when i wrote that last part -- someone else will have to take over....
Jarod led Data and Geordi to the clothing store nearest the hospital. The person behind the counter was slightly aghast at the fact that two of the three men were in hospital gowns, but quickly dismissed it, since sales were sales.

Geordi and Data took to the isles looking for clothing. As his two companions perused the selections, Jarod took the time to look them over.

La Forge was an African-American with a medium build, visor across his eyes, and a height slighter less than his compatriot. Speaking of Data, the robot was a sight to behold. Measuring up at around 5'10", he had a pale complexion with yellowish tint, and gold eyes. Jarod had never seen anything like it, but he doubted anyone else this CENTURTY had, either.

After a few minutes of browsing, both Data and Geordi came back with clothes selections. Jarod stiffled a laugh at the items. He waved the two men towards the dressing rooms, saying he'd pay for the items while they changed.

Just as Jarod pocketed his change, both Data and Geordie stepped out of the dressing rooms in their new gear. Data sported a pair of black leather chaps over blue jeans, a blue satin cowboy shirt, black 10-gallon hat, and snake skin boots complete with spurs.

Geordi wore something a bit more modern, but equally as unique-- a metalic-looking multicolored rave shirt, 10" JNCO jeans, and old skool Adidas. The only things missing from his ensémble were glowsticks and a backpack, but Jarod was sure the store carried some.

'That's what you get when you shop at "Cowboys and Ravers,Inc.,"' thought Jarod.

"Well, if you two are ready, lets get going. We have to find a way to get you home."
The Centre

Mr. Lyle scowled at the computer monitor on his desk. He had been searching for the last 15 minutes, but was unable to locate the file he needed. Broots happened to wander in with a load of files for him, so he reached across the desk and snatched Broots' collar. "Come here and help me find this file."

"Um... yeah... sure, Mr. Lyle. What... I mean, which one are you looking for?" Broots stammered, trying to breathe with his collar clamped around his neck.

"There." Lyle pointed to the screen, shoving the tech's nose against the monitor.

"Um. Ok. Let me see." Broots looked down as best he could, then said, "Um, can you let me go? It's really hard to work this way."

Lyle grumbled something and released his hold on the computer tech, then proceeded to pace the floor, snarling.

The computer made a beep, and Broots looked up with a slight grin. "Here. Found it."

"How did you do that?"

Broots began to explain the procedure, but Lyle waved him off with a growl.

*Fine, see if I ever help you again, you thumbless moron.*

"Broots, get out before I have your thoughts removed!"

Broots waited until he was securely outside Lyle's office before his next thought: *Did he really hear what I was thinking? That's... that's not possible!*

"Broots, are you doing something important, or just standing around looking useless?" Miss Parker snapped as she stalked toward Lyle's office.

"Oh, um, I was just brining some files to Mr. Lyle. Do you think he's telepathic?"


"Nothing. Nevermind. Did you need me for something?"

"Yes. To stop being in my way," she snapped and waited for Broots to move so she could enter Lyle's office.

"Now what?" Lyle snarled.

"Aren't we in a temper this morning?"

"Can I help you with something, Sis?" Lyle rubbed his face w/ his hands, and leaned his elbows on the table.

"Well, I just thought you might want to know, that we might have a lead on Jarod."

"Great! Anything to get out of this stupid office!"

"I take it you're interested?"


okay - ----- got ya going there too --- so, anyone can pick it up, either from the clothing store w/ Jarod or from The Centre w/ Miss Parker and Mr. Lyle!!
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