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Sherry D

Nov 26, 2001
Heard Adrian Paul is gonna be on "The Other Half", it's that talk show with the four guys including Dick Clark. They have a website at www.theotherhalf.tv/main.html, you can check out their tv listings. He's appearing on Thursday, November 29th or December 3rd.

AP was also on KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. I missed it though, I don't live on that coast.
Adrian's Appearance for Tracker

Okay Gang: I have sent an email to the program and asked that they get back to me via email ASAP Thank you. Will let you know.


Adrian's appearance on The Other Side

Accordint to Adrian's Web Site, he will be on The Other Side on Jan 10/02. However, you never know! I am going to keep the VCR primed until it happens!
Also Appearing in USAWEEKEND

Our Sunday paper carries USAWEEKEND and it says that next week there will be pictures of Adrian and a story and a whole lot of stuff. Can't wait until next week.
I don't think us poor Canadians will get the USA WEEKEND mag...Hope it will be on line. If not, we might have to beg our US friends to share!
I will get copies of as many as I can of the USAWeekend and if you will write me, Sunday the 9th, I will send out as many as I can of the copy carrying Adrian as Cole in Tracker. Okay? That's the best I can do as my memory is really shot and will try very hard to help you all. Those Canadian's in Winnepeg can get a copy of it in Sunday the 9th Minneapolis, Star & Tribune.
The interview on line was very good. I haven't read something that actually revealed something new about Adrian (or so personal) in a long time. He is so private that I almost felt like I was intruding by reading it!

I saw a new interview of Grant Rosenberg (Co-Exec Producer) on the Tracker Matrix site.


Check it out. It tells how hard Adrian works and what intuition he has about what works and what won't. Quite an interesting interview.
AP on the other half

I really enjoyed seeing AP on the Other Half! Excellent exposure for the Tracker cause! Can't wait for the new shows coming.

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