More season 5 thoughts


Pre 1986 Comics Fan
Aug 21, 2000
I do not think the show has gone down the drain. Boone has returned, jayne heightmayer is finally acting to her full potentional, and Street is no longer annoying, in fact i would like to see more of her.

the only major down point is the ativous origin. We haven't been given to much info at this time.
They say they are the Jaridians and Taelons rejoined but, they act like neither nor have any memories. In fact according to sea 5 ep. one they have a gap of eons in their memory. The writers not explaining this is the major trouble i have with Season 5.


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
That acting in season 5 has been good. My main problem with season 5 is the inconsistencies from the previous seasons.'

In fact if I was seeing this season without the backgrounds of the previous 4 years I wouldn't have any trouble watching it an enjoying it.

I really like Boone being back. Although there are some inconsistencies there as well.

I don't think the Atavus of the Jaridians/Taelons rejoined. Somehow the "Joining" awakaned and revitalized the Atavus.

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