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Keith tries to reassure the fans

Discussion in 'Andromeda' started by stripe, Nov 27, 2001.


    stripe Sovs Favorite Moderator

    Sep 30, 2000
    There are changes afoot on the syndicated series "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda," but actor Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr Anasazi) tried to reassure fans that the show will not end with the departure of developer and executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

    "This is the sort of situation which occurs in television probably a great deal more often than any of you know," Cobb said on the Slipstream Web message boards. "Any time several factions come together to create a product, there will always wind up being more generals than soldiers. And more often than not, each general will want to do things a little differently than any other. Does the product suffer? Of course it does.

    "In my case, the work will go on. The show will change and evolve as it's pulled in various directions by the various forces. That doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Through it all, I will continue to love Tyr, and his voice and presence will continue to remain unique regardless of the amount of screen time. I'm an actor, he is my creation, and his integrity is the only stake I have in all of this."

    Cobb said that the "politics of making television is more convoluted than a Nietzsche manifesto, and so there are several sides to this continuing saga that no one has told, nor is at liberty to tell. However, regardless of what facts you are privy to, if what appears on your TV doesn't please you, it is your voice that will change it."

    Wolfe, the former "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" writer that was brought in to develop "Andromeda" from loose notes of the late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, said this week that he was released by Tribune Entertainment in September. The show currently is in its second season in first-run syndication, and is once again leading the ratings for action dramas.

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