Quantum Leap, the best show ever??

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I love QL but again it's not my fav. but i do love it!!!I also think it's cool that the main guy (4get his name haven't seen it in ages!:eek: :( )is now in ENTERPRISE.
It used to be one of my favs..still love watching re-runs. I have every episode on video..unfortunately they are like 15,000 miles away from where I am..:(
Stargate rocks though :D

Carkedit :dead:

Love ol' Scotty though...umm...half naked Sam running around screen..now they are the type of re-runs I LURVE to watch :D :D
I love Quantum Leap and I hate Channel 2 for never showing it! It must have been at least a year since I last saw it! :mad: Ok I'm gonna be REALLY brave now... Buffy is better than Stargate although Stargate is way up there. There said it now and I think I will pay the price too. Sorry sis (space monkey) but I'm afraid I agree with Spike on this one. I'm am sooooo dead now...
u r so right! ive just seen this and u R dead! STARGATE IS THE BEST SHOW EVER NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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