what do you NOT wanna see


s o o o how many people have seen the spoilers for the abyss and have added that to their list of things they dont want to see

(hope you're feeling better soon anni !!! did you try the ginger???
or the green tea???)

as for rda i respect and love the man (platonically!!! he is in a relationship after all) B U U U T i feel sorry for the producers - they probably spend half the winter break wondering what sports injury rda will get this time - yes the man did in his knees AGAIN !!! Rick we admire your pro ecology efforts buuut you are such a sportsgeek!!!

i'm afraid I'm in the minority who wants apophis back !!!

i pray they dont kill off jacob / selmak!!!
NO CADETS!!! :evil: (and they're coming up in next week's epy. I don't think I need my vcr for that one . . . )
Originally posted by neith4
s o o o how many people have seen the spoilers for the abyss and have added that to their list of things they dont want to see
Sometimes it's so much better to not be spoiled to what's comming up. :dead: I was pushing for complicated, thoughtful plots... I still am. Somehow I'm mad that they'd imply Jack would agree to
be Blended.
The man has a twitch when it comes to Goa'uld going EVA. It's negating a bit of the wisdom of the character, I think. They sacrificing the characters for action again. :( :( :(

Well. I have no one but myself to blame for spoiling myself.
I was surprised by it too Cyn....... and I can't understand why they are contemplating it, because it goes against every inch of the Jack character they have tried to portray so far in the show.

In my view a man like Jack with such staunch, if somewhat inflexible beliefs and code, would never consider such a move, even if it were to help save someone else.

Personally I think the premise is a desperate ruse to provide some contentiousness in the show, as if it didn't have enough already!
Originally posted by CynVision
They sacrificing the characters for action again. :( :( :(

I recommend Jobeth's Fan-fic. - 'Mirror, Mirror'. She has that nailed perfectly!

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Hatshepsut :wave:

Here's my take on Daniel.

Anni, I'd not go so far to say Jack would never to it if another's life was involved. He's a hero at heart... I hate stuff where the entire cast is put into screws just because a character leaves. They just don't have enough characters to do reasonable stuff with. I keep saying this.
Don't want to see :

- Morons or Cow-boys who lives on far away worlds and, of course, know to how speak english (or american, make your choice).

Let's return to the source and show Egyptian things !

- Don't shot poor CGI scenes. I don't understand why, but I this was a show that had, in my opinion, the most beautiful CGI ever made, but there were sometimes very crappy shots, like if they only had a cheap 486 to render the FX !

- Err... oh yes ! Less conspiracies. No ! Wait! No more conspiracies at all ! Of crouse, we know such things may happen, but please, let's not focuse on that ! Otherwise, we're not far from seeing Mulder poiting his noze around.

- Less cheap sets.

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