what do you NOT wanna see


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Dec 26, 2000
all right, it's just a lil' thread where you can stell everyone what you absolutly DON'T want do see in season 6..
personnally, i don't want lara, i don't want to see that almostnakedbarbiespicegirlpighead whose name is anise.

i don't want unresolved issues...i don't want boring episodes...
i'd hate to see that jarhead simmons..i can't stand his self satisfied smile and his smug face (does it have any sense at all??)

whatever...i'll post back later coz right now am at school
I don't want to see Tealc KISSING NO WOMAN :disgust: :errrr: :disgust: :disgust: :disgust:
Say no to flash backs!

I don't want to see any more flash back episodes!
I don't want to see anymore NID or Senitor Kensey. Maybourne is OK, he's growing on me
don't wanna see consperacies on Earth
I'll definitely fourth that and give a huge welcome to new moderator Summershake!


:D :D :D
Hey Anni, thanks! :D :)
I wanna see more universe exploring again...back to the roots I say...:D
I don't wanna see SG1 working apart form each other...I wanna see them as a team..

I don't wanna see any of the old gou'ald back...I want new ones that kick ass!!

I don't wanna see SG1 on Earth all the time....its getting boring!!!!

:cool: :D
I am not even sure if you can go higher then seconding it. but anyway I will 5th it!

I hate them danm consperacies on Earth!
What does consperacies on Earth have to do with exploring other worlds and finding alien ****.

If this is there last season I hope they make Stargate SG-1 go out with a bang!
No crapy last season!
Don't let Stargate die the way The Simpsons and The X-Files did!
& Friends! The last 2 seasons have been pretty crappy
I don't want to see Apophis brought back by some highly improbable means.

I don't want to see the Gou'ald wiped out and the whole bias of the series changed.

I don't want to see too much conspiracies on Earth (1 or 2 episodes a season is more than enough).

I don't want to see RDA hogging every episode.

I don't want to see re-hashes of old stories or time-filling flashbacks.

I don't want the production team to forget why the series became popular in the first place. :(
I don't want to see:

1. X-files like conspiracies.

2. Flashbacks or episodes that just continue old storylines (think up some new plotlines willya).

3. Yet another one of Sam's boyfriends buying the farm. (She's starting to get like Maggie on Northern Exposure.)

4. Sam/Jack romance. I just don't believe these two extremely dedicated career officers would wreck their lives for a little action. (Keep in mind they'd be risking a stint in Leavenworth, as well as dismissal from the most interesting job either one of them will ever have.)

5. Anise! Or if they must have Anise, have her inhabit a new host, preferably one who doesn't dress like a hooker and can actually act. (Seven of Tokra simply wasn't believable as a scientist in that outfit.)
1. Teal'c getting a life - Shaunoc was too weird plus the actress played a giant praying-shemantis on Buffy so u no it kinda tainted my viewing!

2. Hammy resigning

3. Ne of the team retiring for ne reason at all (i.e. Sam or Jack but I wouldn't mind them bending the frat regs 4 the SGC!)

4. I don't want the whole goa'uld thing being wrapped up - it would b like shrugging off god-knows how many thousands of years of oppression and slavery through 1 or 2 planned attacks by the Tau'ri. Yeah like that would EVER happen!

5. Apopquiz! the guy is dead lets NOT bring him back again! He was replicator chow!

6. If they r planning on making a final movie then The original 5 ( not inc. M. Shanks) members of the cast ALL have to b in it otherwise there's no point - they can't replace RDA, AT, DSD or TR if they tried, they've been there too long. It would b like trying 2 replace Fred, Daphne, Velma and Scooby Doo with the roswell aliens!
X-Files Spoiler???

or like replacing Skully & Mulder with Doggett & that other chick...sorry to anyone who likes them, I can't stand em...

I have a funny feeling that whatever we want to see or not to see will not make a ha'porth of difference.

The producers/creators of Stargate SG1 are arrogant enough to put on whatever they think will continue to keep ratings up. And if that includes Teal'c dressing up in a pink tutu and ballet slippers in a top hat and appearing with a dancing Orangutang, then that's exactly what we'll get.

If I have one more person telling me that RDA is the Saint of Ecology....I think I might hurl a technicolour yawn.... and I've done a lot of that over the past four months with my treatment medication.

I'm sure that the gentlemen is utterly devoted to making sure that the show gives the fans everything they ever wanted.... Of course, it's rather difficult to detect his enthusiasm for what we think underneath all of the myriad facial expressions he has demonstrated. But I have it on good authority from a fan that he is utterly devoted and excited over Season Six.....

I think Season Six will be a mirror image of Season 5 because RDA is bored and wants to go and save a few rivers..... a noteworthy cause of course.... it's just shame he doesn't try to sort out the poverty in some of the cities of his own country before going to save a river in someone elses.

I think his boredom and desire to finish with the series has been rather evident in this Season and will possibly only increase with Season Six.

Face it guys...... this show is sputtering to a shuddering halt. In many ways I wish it had come to an end with Season Five, because then we would be spared the lingering, painful death of a dear old friend.

True, true Anni.

Stargate is really reminding me of the X-files these days. Main characters leaving and/or absent from episodes, a focus on conspiracy theories instead of the more interesting 'monster of the week' plotlines.

You wrote:

"Of course, it's rather difficult to detect his enthusiasm for what we think underneath all of the myriad facial expressions he has demonstrated. "

I'm shocked! Shocked! I've been watching RDA since he was on General Hospital in the 1970's. Why the man has played a number of cocky, sarcastic characters over the years. How dare you imply his range is a bit limited.
hey, I don't mind if he saves a river or 2 in my land. The fact is the wood being logged is going to your land mostley unprocessed, thus not only being sold for pennies but also destroying our natural wilderness and taking away jobs for us that would come from processing & adding value to the wood...anyhoo, I for one am glad to have his support cause we don't have enough.
I also don't want to see all the supporting characters get killed off (e.g. Martouf, Aldwin, Chronos, etc.). These were some of the more interesting characters. TPTB could have kept them around and made good use of them, but no, they had to build 2(!) episodes around that dislikable nerd Marty instead.

Chronos especially, he would have made an excellent Big Bad. Of course why would TPTB want to create innovative storylines that remain true to the original premise and feature good acting when they could just copy the X-Files.

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