The Pretender - FIC - (Untitled)

will do -- tomorrow -- Lyle story at work -- me at home ----

glad you're likin' it --

and thanx for the compliment --------

now -- you can write something -- we need posts here -- and ppl -- and if we start slapping fic all over the place -- we might get some more ppl!!!!
You try prodding one of the muses to work.

None of them want to write.



Oh well.

i know the muses don't always wanna help --

so --- be your own muse and write what you want -- maybe if you write it really badly, the muse will just wake up and say 'no no no, that's not how it's supposed to go' and help ya write the new version! ;)

worth a shot 'eh??
Okay -- this is the last part until i write more -- seriously - this is all i've written ---- but, as soon as i have more - i'll let ya'll see it -


Mr. Lyle stepped out the front door and glanced at the driveway. He shook his head. There was no way he was driving a four-door Toyota with a childseat in the back to pick up his dinner. He knew there was a reason he had purchased a house with a two-car garage that he had felt the need to correctly occupy. Lifting the door -- damn garage-door opener had broken when he threw it against the wall last week -- he admired his brand new, red, Corvette convertible. Sweet car. Fast too. He jumped in without opening the door and backed out of the driveway.

Mind racing with the speed of the car, hundreds of thoughts zipped through his head. No longer were they about the baby, now they were of Remi. She was happy, bubbly - almost an annoying trait, but it worked for her, flirtatious to a point -- she could forget that one right now; he was *not* sleeping with the babysitter. Her soft auburn hair, her deep brown eyes, the soft curves of her breasts and hips… he had to stop this. He closed his eyes and shook his head again. What was wrong with him? Remi was not his type. He was not the dating type, he preferred short flings with little lasting effect.

Locating his favorite Asian take-out restaurant, he parked on the street and approached the building.

"Hello, Mr. Lyle," the hostess at the entrance greeted him with a sexy smile; the same sexy smile she always had for him.

He dipped his head and entered the building, but stopped when she placed a hand on his chest. He glanced down at her hand, the long slender fingers, nails polished a deep red, then looked into her face as she spoke to him.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Lyle?"

"No. Long day. I'm tired and hungry. Can I come in now?" People in his way were irritating. He was not going to explain anything to this woman. Much more of a delay and he was going to leave.

Saying nothing, she extended her arm, motioning toward the interior of the restaurant.

"Thank you." He walked to the counter and placed his order. "Fifteen minutes?"


"Fine. I'll be back." He sighed as he turned away, exiting the restaurant, hoping the hostess would not stop him this time. She did not.

He spent his fifteen minutes walking the block and turning things over in his head. Remi. That name kept popping into his head. He shook it off, walking, hands buried deep in his pockets, head lowered. Kicking a can, he tried to draw his thoughts away from her. Frustrating that he could not make his mind wander; it always wandered back, not to Remi and [baby's name], just to Remi.

He gave the can one last swift kick and watched it go rattling along the sidewalk to crash into a garbage can with a clank. The restaurant was several feet ahead of him; slowly he made his way there, inside, paid for his food, then turned to leave. At the door, he stopped and turned to the hostess.

"Can I help you with something, Mr. Lyle?" she asked, voice like honey.

He growled and took a deep breath, drawing a card from his pants pocket. "Meet me here, tonight at eleven."

"You bet, darling," she accepted with a sexy smile and an up and down look over his trim body.

yeah - dunno when i'll have it written -- depends on which of the muses starts talking again --- sometimes they all talk at once --- (that's when the Impromtu play gets written) ----
YOU try to tell them to talk --- they only listen to me when they feel like it --

and they play this tag-team game -- one will chat for a while, then he or she (i do have a couple female muses) will tag the next one and i'll have to switch stories ---

it gets confusing -- and kinda loud if too many try to talk at once -- hehehehehe ------ crazy muses!

oh - and now that the clones are here -- oh geez ------- oh so many ----- very noisy -----
*grins* I'll take one or two of them off your hands for a bit, H2.

*looks innocent*
i'll trade you my Lyle muse and some Lyle clones for a Spike muse -----

not that i'm writing a Spike story - but maybe if i had him around -- he'd scare away some of the muses who aren't talking, but are in the way -- just for a while --------
um - no -- no buffy -- i haven't seen enough eps to write any buffy --- and -- it would be very Spike-centric if i did ---- Spike's funny -----

and Spike won't fit in my Pretender fic --- maybe a later fic ---

maybe he can slide into an impromtu --
hey --- anyone up for a RR here in Pretender??

we can do one if Profiler too ---- or a x-over ---

just want some votes to see if it's worth starting -------

any takers???????
okay --

let me think of something --

then i'll post it and we can write --------
Okay H2, deal. :)

Spike doesn't mind not being in fic, just make sure you give him a good supply of cigarettes and rum mixed in his blood and he's happy. :)
Originally posted by Analise
Okay H2, deal. :)

Spike doesn't mind not being in fic, just make sure you give him a good supply of cigarettes and rum mixed in his blood and he's happy. :)

sweet --- now i just have to send my clones on a shopping spree for all the relevent items ----- won't take them long --- they follow orders really well -----

and ---------- i'll get something going for the RR in a few -- maybe Spike might even drop in -- dunno yet ----
one more note -- now you can go back through the story here and replace [baby's name] w/ Michael ---- -

yep - we decided on a name for the Parker baby --- i talked to my writing partner yesterday -- and just tossed out some names and that's the one we picked -----

so - the next parts i post will actually have the child's name --- (i'm not gonna go back and fix the others -- b/c i don't feel like it)

so - as soon as i have more - i'll post 'em ----

going out of town this weekend -- so i might have some time to write ---

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