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Sep 30, 2000
Jerry O'Connell (Sliders, Jerry Maguire) will guest star
on an upcoming episode of NBC's Monday night hit CROSSING
JORDAN, playing a straight-shooting police detective from
Wisconsin who aids medical examiner Jordan in her investigation
of a murderous bank robbery.

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Jun 25, 2001
Saw Jerry in an ep of the tv series Las Vegas - with James Caan.

Man, he has grown up into such a hunky man - how tall is he? looked about 6ft 5 - anyway, the LV prog its pretty uninspiring but worth watching this ep just for Jerry

I caught an old Sliders on sci fi recently and was reminded just how good the show was - then last week saw an ep from the later series, when only Rembrant remained of the original cast - switched straight off !- absolute rubbish !!
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