The Morpheus Factor (and sum very random comments from Sam's mind!!!!)

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Jul 9, 2001
On page 109 in Ashley McConnell's SG-1 book 'The Morpheus Factor' did ne1 notice how weird and out-of-the-blue that comment was about Jack looking like a giant octopus-thing!?!
For those who don't have the book or haven't read it here is the quote:
(Story so far: all on this weird planet where they all keep having different hallucinations. Sam gets attacked on a beach, whilst naked, by a kraken (apparently a large squiddy thing?))

(Trying 2 wake Jack up)
"Colonel? Colonel!"
After a moment, O'Neill's eyes snapped open. Even in the vague light near the back of the cave, she could se the resemblence between his sharp, brown eyes and those of the kraken in her dream. Was her subconscious trying 2 tell her that her commander was a giant octopus with tentacles? And what exactly was he supposed 2 b using those tentacles 4? She bit her lip hard to stifle her response to that image.
Literally, she snickered, in my dreams!

Now was that just me or did that seem more than a little ..... unproffessional!?! (or have I got completely the wrong end of the stick?) Not that I mind but still...... It's an official story and so therefore the writers must have given it the go-ahead to b published. Do u think they r trying 2 tell us sumthing?;)

by the way in case there is sum kind of legal thingy on this I really only used it 2 prove my point and so I didn't mean anything else by it other than 2 prove my case.:blush:


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Jul 21, 2000
got to admit that does seem rather strange, and not really true to the story, but then you never get to know what anyone is actually "thinking" in the tv show like you can in a book.


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Aug 27, 2000
Sounds as if the writers are stuck in Season 4!

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