Coffee Talk with Lucy and Renee update


Jul 22, 2001
This is from Sharon of the fan club and Creation Entertainment.

This tape will be included in the GOLD edition of fan club kit #5.

"Coffee Talk with Lucy and Renee"
The rains held off until the last person pulled out of the driveway and then the skies opened up. But for three hours, we trained our cameras on two delightful, silly, warm, loving and playful friends -- Lucy and Renee.

"Coffee Talk" was filmed at Lucy's house on Monday, November 12. I think I mentioned that we originally planned to have them sitting at a kitchen table. However, when Lucy and I were talking about the logistics of various tables in her house, she mentioned a king-sized bed in her guestroom and I pounced on the idea of a "slumber party." They didn't actually don bunny slippers, but Lucy and Renee thought that setting would be perfect and the scenario of two gossipy girls tickled their fancy. They hatched up an opening that I think you'll enjoy <G>

Lucy and Renee flipped through our new 2002 Xena calendars looking at photos and remembering things that happened during the making of the episodes. And for a grand finale, they were joined by Masters Julius Tapert, an old hand at being on camera, and Miles Muir, making his film debut! <G>

I'm going to spend the next few days editing and getting it ready for fan club kit #5.

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Apr 10, 2001
*L* XenaHerc, you're always half a step ahead of me. Just coming over to post this very thing. :)

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