Peter Wingfield

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Okay - probably should have done this - OH so long ago - but i didn't --

okay - "The Wedding Dress" was aired last week (i think, or the week before) on CBS - keep on the look-out - they might surprise you and air it again, or watch Lifetime listings - this is probably something they would pick up ---- it's not 'girly' per se - but it's along the same vein of things that Lifetime runs --

"The Miracle of the Cards" - this airs on the 10th of November - that's Saturday -- i think at 2100hrs on PAX - (Check local listings, as this could be different across the US) -

this is all i have on PW for now - aside from him possibly being in the new Highlander film - but that's so far off, it's not of grave importance at the moment --

but - keep watch - he's always working on something ----

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