1.28 : City On The Edge Of Forever.


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Jan 5, 2001
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"City On The Edge Of Forever" :1. #28

Consistently, regarded (together with 'The Trouble with Tribbles') as the best TOS episode. Certainly, has a good feel, and an excellent ending. Concentrates on the three main characters which always worked best in TOS. The look and shape of the Guardian of Forever is also good, pity it never was used again.

The differences between the original script by Harlan Ellison (which won the Wrtiters' Guild of America Award for teleplay 1967-8) and the completed episode, adapted by Gene Roddenberry (which won the 1968 Hugo Award) have long been the subject of discussion, and some bitterness. Harlan wrote the script when only the 'Cage' and 'Where No One...' had been made, so many things had to be changed to fit the ST universe.
i've seen this - so i remember tiny tiny bits - it's been a LONG time since i saw it --- but scifi just started over - so it should be up pretty soon - "Corbomite Maneuver" was on yesterday (tho i missed part of it b/c i think i fell asleep during it too - stupid Benedryl) --- anyway -- once i get to see it again - i'll be back!!
ok - watched this yesterday (got tired of waiting for scifi, so i bought the video) --

definitely one of the best episodes ---

McCoy goes nuts, Kirk and Spock have to help him out --

i always like it when the Trek characters have to where non-Starfleet attire --- kinda gives them a more 'real' appearance - and Spock in 20th century attire, is just amusing --

(seeing this ep also helped w/ your Starfleet Academy thing in the fanfic thread - how to build the mnemonic whatever it was from nothing --- )

and Spock having to build that mnemonic (why can't i remember the name of that thing?) from what he had available -- awesome! - it's like a 23rd century MacGyver! (even more ironic b/c MacGyver wasn't even a thought until 20 years after ST:TOS!)

oh - question - was Leonard Nimoy the voice of the Guardian of Forever??
I'm not sure about the voice, if it sounds like Nimoy it probably was, my books don't say, and I can't remember. James Doohan did a lot of voices though, he was good with accents, he doesn't really speak like Scotty!
that's cool about Doohan! - and it's really funny to look at him - b/c he looks SOOOO different in the movies than he does in the series - it's weird - my sister thought it wasn't the same guy!

the Guardian of Forever does sound a lot like Nimoy --

however, i can't believe i asked a question you didn't know the answer to! :)
hey - you should be flattered ---- why? b/c when we don't know something we ask you -- why? b/c you seem to have all the answers -------
When McCoy transports down to the planet, and Kirk and Spock follow with the security detail, they can't find him until he runs and leaps into the 'Guardian'. Surely, Uhura could have pinpointed him with her tricorder?
Yes, I too think this is one of the best TOS episodes, it had a well thought out story, with just the right amount of action and the character interplay was excellent.

Plus it was a time travel story - my favourite science fiction premise. :)
I've occasionally wondered would I be such a fan of this episode if it weren't written by my favourite writer; however, it's so much better than any other episode, I've got to assume 'yes'.

Ellison is an excellent fiction writer, but his fiction is eclipsed by his non-fic. "The Glass Teat" is one of the best books on television you'll ever read. In fact, any of his non-fiction is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the sociological effects of television.

Harlan Ellison : What a Guy.
I have the scene play for The City on the Edge of Forever and quite frank prefers it to the televised version.

They did a wonderful Graphic novel adaptation of Ellison's original teleplay. :cool:
This puppy is one of my favorites.

I guess I am a bit overly critical, but McCoy's having a huge dose of that 'tricky stuff' (I don't want to butcher the name) in his injector AND its ability to administer the medicine all at once bothered me when I last saw this episode.

Still, I can forgive the implausibility and enjoy.

The trusting and munificent nature of Joan Collin's character, I found a bit, ahm, hard to swallow. But hey. It made for a good story.

Spock's picking of the safe was awesome!

His 'hobby' -- while far-fetched -- was too cool to criticize.

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