Pretender Pics!

and...this one.....


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oh wait, i also have this other one. it's from the time when raines' O2 tank blew up. looks pretty cool:cool:


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good pics!!

I gotta go hunting around and get some others -

I do have some - but they're all at home.
The dog shot looks like something from the set of "Jeffrey" -

the leather -- ummm - still thinking on that one -- I like guys in leather - just deciding if I like THIS guy in leather -

outburst? -- looks like a MTW laugh ---- but - it could be anything!

hmmm - don't like the blue shirt much - but the expression is awesome!!

the other shot is from that ep where he's locked in an attic and given an injection of some kind -- I almost wanna say it's one of the Profiler x-overs, but i'm not sure - and I can't remember the ep title ---
The two promo shots are two of my faves -----

the one of Parker smoking is, I think, from the first ep - where the Centre is less dark - has more light -

the last shot - very popular w/ Kyle fans!

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