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Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Told ya i had some -

you can find pics and info and stuff at these ---> -- pictures (the site's in French, but easy to navigate!) -- pretender pics -- promo photos (this one is a 'broken' link too - i think i have a different URL for this site -just not on this compy - i'll check at home and see what i can find - sorry) -- NBC promo photos -- jarod keepers

this last one is a keepers site - (i don't think i'm on it, but i haven't been there for a while, so i'm not sure) --- it's a fun read!!
Hmmm all theses websites with jarod in thte title...u trying to change opinions on whethere he is hot or not???


Sin :)
umm - there are only 2 w/ Jarod in the title -

and no - not trying to change opinions -- many ppl use Jarod to name their sites -- he's the most popular character on the show - considering it's about him ---

some of them i have b/c i was looking for a specific pic of Jarod and couldn't locate it! argh - but, i found it!!!! woohoo! and kept many of the site locations b/c they had good pics!!!
Okay - i have another one for you --

this is the site for Operation Save the Pretender --

this is a comprehensive site w/ links to TONS of other places, including Steve and Craig's Imagiquest site and Jamie Denton's Official Site (which is Lois' Daily Planet - this might already be listed here)

there are other too ---

plus chat transcripts and media listings and such --

i think there is also contact information for many of the PTB and actors and such ---- so you can start that letter writing campaign and keep Pretender movies coming ------
we have adresses for Michael and Andrea- we wrote them letters to wish them a happy 10th Anniversary.

Lois' Daily Planet is a great site.

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