N.I.D., Inc. Clones - Profiler Branch

Hehehe! Oh you are bad. ;) My John Grant muse certainly does get lots of attention. :upto: We've written 13 pieces of Profiler/Anita Blake Vampire Hunter fanfic, and counting. :)

We lifebonded in "Candlelight," that's a magical life force joining. :D We're working on merely getting married in "Now and Forever." Not that you need to worry that I'm calling myself Mrs. John Grant before our marriage, we've written a couple of pieces that take place after we're wed. We just don't have the wedding written. :evil:

I think I have the experience to give the John clones full workouts. :coolyello I'll take on the responsibility of being the John Grant clone tester. Oh yeah, I'll do that. :hjbigeyes
Please send me (how many would make me look to greedy?) one of each model of Johnny's you have. :D
*packs all various incarnations of John Grant in a box and...*

Ooops -- they don't wanna be in a box -- they wanna find their own way - they do all have that hot car --

anyway -- *stuffs packing list in VCTF Business suit-John's pocket for Bee&*

Enjoy!! :naughty:
Yeah - they're just too much fun --

Though, the Buffy and Angel ones don't seem to be faring as well as the SG-1 one did --- maybe I'll hop around and kick-start 'em all again -- :evil:

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