Quantum Leap

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I LOVE QUANTUM LEAP!!!!!!:rolly2: :D :rolly2:

They have just started to show it again over in NZ..moved here just in time!

Scott Bakula is great...love the episode where he was a bounty hunter...nice no shirt shot there ;) I think my fav was when he went back as himself and was tring to stop his brother dying in Veitnam, that and the ones where he tried to save Violet. He went from her Dad, to her lover to her lawyer. Great stuff!!!

Better go vote

Carkedit :dead:
Been there and voted space monkey. Glad to see it up and running.

annette :)
I vote the best, I totally love Quantum Leap. It was funny, always have a good time seeing it. :D

Krystal :rain:
I voted "COOL"

Great show, saw the last eppie not to long ago...i want MORE!!!
Just wondering, when waz the show made? coz ive seen Scott Bakula in ENTERPRISE and he dose not look much older, and QL looks like at late 70's 80's show...im confused

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