5.04: Subterra


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
Episode 5.04 "Subterra"

"Renee joins forces with a down-and-out former reporter in order to convince the media of the existence of the Atavus"

Renee can be just a little to trusting at times. She doesn't even consider the possibility that they got to Melissa before Melissa called her. She just assumes everything it okay and trys to play matchmaker getting Joe back with Melissa, only to end in Joe's death.

It was amazing but also so typical that here Renee couldn't get Melissa to believe her with this incredible alien story, and then when Joe says he believes her and has seen them she won't believe him. Why or why does Renee think people are just going to believe her when she tells them.

There where only 6 of those regeneration chambers. Renee has now destroyed 2 of them.

Very interesting look at the Subterra region of the city. You would think that region would have been used by the resistance at one time. But obviously not, at least by anyone Renee was connected with, since she didn't seem to know it.


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Aug 21, 2000
I give this ep. a TEN :D . the end has me wondering what's up next week. It was appearant that Reene heard the scream.

I am a little fuzzy about Sandy's master revenge on mankind. Is he really after the ANA officals who double crossed him when he tried to come clean. I am just having a ball watching it build.