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Jan 30, 2001
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I like how she makes the story intersting keeping Jarod on the go. She has so much dedication and stamina. She really is almost like Jarod but she just won't realize it. She has the family issues and all plus she always tries to get the leading edge but instead she ends up falling off it.
when i first started watching the show, i didn't really like MP, but then i started to understand what she was doing - and she's one of my fave characters --

it's GREAT to have a strong female lead in a show who isn't a ditz! MP is a wonderful character --

her? i have no problem writing her --- esp from earlier seasons when she was 'meaner' ---
she's really good in the beginning too -

i like Andrea Parker as an actress anyway --

she WAS Harmon Rabb's partner on JAG for the very first episode, but they had her x-fer to Japan b/c NBC wanted a 'perky blond' as Harm's partner -- however, i just think of it this way - if NBC had not ditched her from JAG, we might not have seen her as Miss Parker on The Pretender - so it all worked out!! NBC dumped JAG anyway -- (bet they're kicking themselves now!) so it's their loss --- CBS picked it up and it's been going strong ever since!

okay - back to Miss Parker --
she is more sympathetic later -- and it shows and you can see that she might want to help Jarod more than hunt him -- but, i don't think she's quite ready to 'betray' her father and 'side' with Jarod --
nah - dear old Dad is a big part of her life, and he holds the key to her past and her mother's death and such -- MP's not gonna 'abandon' her life at the Centre until she has all her answers ---
okay - been WAY too long since i've seen an entire Pretender ep that wasn't the Pilot --- ummm - i don't remember that ep exactly --- but MP never leaves for good --- just doesn't seem like something she could ever do --- not for a very long time -- she has too many 'unresolved issues' to leave -- the answers she needs/wants are in TC ---
just like her mother --

and speaking of --- what do you think is the real story behind her mother's death? I'm not sure we're ever REALLY told what happened - just that it wasn't really a suicide ----

anyone remember??
jip, turns out Raines shot her after she had Ethan.

Andrea Parker is a great actress, in my opion: Miss Parker was made for her.

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