aye - his character is very important - tho sometimes under used

i, however, have a difficult time finding a place for him in my fics - he's a hard character for me to write -- jarod, mp, Lyle - them, no problem, Sydney? he gets me every time -- same w/ Broots - but more for 'technical' reasons than his character ---
b/c i can't write him -- he never sounds quite right ---

i can't quite get him to sound like Sydney -- so, he is 'under used' in my fics --

well - the like 2 or 3 i've finished ---
no - for some reason, when i write him, if he isn't being 'typical' Sydney - plain bland psych speak - i can't do it -- i've tried, and it usually sounds stupid --- Syd's not stupid ---

guess it could be b/c he doesn't get as much 'screentime' as some of the other characters - and he doesn't really talk much - and i write mostly dialogue -- harder for me to write characters who don't speak --- probably why i haven't used Angelo much either ----
and Sydney says some pretty important things, doesn't he??

he's got a 'fatherly' connection with Jarod -- that MP tried to break - unsuccessfully, though --

have there been any times when Syd has infuriated you? made you angry and aks 'what did you do THAT for??'
Everything he says or sees seems important to not only the show but to the whole insight into Jarrod's life thing too.

SOmetimes I don't know where his character is going with somethings, but he is much like a dad to Jarrod, you is right about that.

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