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Jul 21, 2000
I liked this film a lot. Very clever psychological scieince fiction drame type thing. Did you know what was going to happen? i doubt it. So clever how it all came together at the end, in more ways than one.

Anyone else seen it? if not go and watch it now!
I have seen this film, I thought it was a very odd subject for a movie, but it worked quite well.... That was part of the story though, how there was no explanation for how they got there or what the point of the place was...
I found this film very odd but once i got into it i loved it. I gett told later on that the ds9 character ezri is in it but i don't know which one she is. Could you help?
This must be the strangest film I ever saw. I'm still not sure what to make of it.
I liked this film a lot...I've watched it twice on sky and I've always missed the begining 10-15 minutes!! :( I loved all of the little philisophical thoughts it leaves in your mind...If that makes sense? Probably just me again...

I think she might be the teenage girl, I guess that would make sense since this film was made a few years ago and Ezri (If I have the right character?) is in her early 20's.


i thought this film was excellent . it was so original and just all the questions it leaves un answered and the many twists and turns , and lessons to be learned from the film make it such an excellent thought provoking film.
i could watch this over and over again .
This movie was pretty good...untill the ending...which sucked...

Yet another potentally good movie that was completly spoiled by being left open ended. Damn, why did they have to give no definite answers at all at the end?!?

...though it does kind of add to the mystery and paranoia of the whole thing, I suppose.

How can anyone not like this movie :D it rocked, it was very clever, having i think around 6 people looked in a cube, waking up in a cube i mean, not knowing where they are or not, a sequel is on its way too

I thought the ending fitted in pretty well with the rest of the movie - we never really found out that much at all about the Cube. We find out a little from the bloke that was involved in its creation, but not where they are, why they were chosen and what the overall purpose of the Cube is. It's a mystery! And a compelling one at that - even though we never get any answers :rolleyes:
This movie Was Excilent I loved it A Sci-fi masterpeace its better then any Steven Spellburg Film like it was Smart and twist and turns i loved it
Do you think the characters were chosen at random, or was the entire scenario totally constructed and the events that occurred actually expected by whoever put them in it?

What do you think the purpose of the Cube was?

ps - did you know they are making a sequel? :rolleyes:
Yes i now there making part 2

My guess is Aliens put them there


maby if they survive they only got 2 options Go to heaven or go back to earth
you think aliens put them there? What do you think aliens had to do with the Cube at all? I can't see the connection, myself. Why would they need humans to design and build the thing, and what would be their reasoning for doing something so bizarre?
Okay not watched this for a while, but I do have it on DVD, so I may have to make some time...

It seems to me that it was a huge and sadistic psychology experiment, most likely run by some government agency.. The purpose may have been as simple as observing the responses of the captives, or the survivors may have been taken into some secret army branch or intelligence service..

I hadn't head there aws a sequel coming, anyone know more about that??
Yep, it's called "Cube 2: Hypercube", there is a thread in here somewhere with details.

I have actually read some good reviews of it, surprisingly enough.
The IMDB entry doesn't give a UK release date, but it has definitely wrapped and has already been shown in some European countries.

Gives the US date as 15 April 2003. Maybe we'll see it soon?

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