Beetlejuice (1988) - Basically The Film ROCKED!!


Middle Earth
May 12, 2001
Basically The Film ROCKED!!

Winona Ryder in this movie, enough said, its just a classic, i hope they repeat it again soon so i can see it again, a sure cult classic :D
Wow this movie is the best! It's SO funny I was wetting myslef when I saw the guy with the little head! Who plays Beetlejuice? I've always wondered that...I did tape it but I'll have to dig out all my old tapes cos I have no clue where it is. It was on TV the other night tho, I watched about 1/2 of it then I had to go home. :(

ps imaginative concept on Death I must add...:D
Ive seen this movie multiple times over the years , Its creepy and it funny one could sort of call it The Addams family on steroids , The character Beatlejiuce is difficult to nail down, he's kind of antihero/ antisocial does his this own way plays by no one rules rules except those he makes up up as he goes. Is he evil, well, yes, he but is comically outrageously so. Even so, he's a likable rogue . And Michael Keaton plays him with gusto. There was also Saturday morning Cartoon Beetlejuice and there is an upcoming sequel with with Jenna Ortega. :)

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