Fave Episode of all time - Possible spoilers


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Jun 26, 2001
Fave Episode of all time

Whats yours?, I have to say mine is

Window of Opportunity

This episode is just to funny, many witty comments and funny moments.

My fave parts are probally...

when they are hitting golfballs through the stargate
When teal'c slams the door on the soldier
When Jack says "hey george here's my resignation"
Only one? It's almost impossible.
OK, I will try... I can't decide between Double Jeopardy, Window of Opportunity and Serpent's Song. :D
cant i have one per season.........

ok brocca divide no erm...window of opportunity...no erm...hathor

no thats it too many choices, cant decide brain overload...
Yep I agree mine has to be WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY too.
I've seen it loads of times and I still die laughing.
yeah, very difficult question. If you give me a couple of hours I could probably whittle it down to just twenty or thirty absolute must-have epi's starting wih Window of Opportunity, Urgo, Deadmans Switch (I love the funny ones) etc etc etc

I like Rite of Passage and the Maybourne epi's so far in season 5, I'm really beginning to warm to Maybourne now that he's become a loveable rogue instead of a sneaky weasel.
Definitely Window of Opportunity - it is so funny I love to watch it over and over - especially for the scenes that Adamsh listed, the golfing scene, O'Neill resigning from the Force so he can snog Carter and Teal'c bashing the airman with a door, also the juggling and telling Danny "trust me, you're better off in here". I also love Urgo, there are some classic lines in that one. Dom DeLuise is priceless.
The Fifth Race. It's got humor, earth history, angst, and little grey aliens.:D
I love Window of Opportunity, Urgo and ... The Torment of Tantalus .. oh .. and all the Asgard ones. You gotta love those guys ;)
ummm, im gonna cheat and say more then 1; divide and conquer, window of opportunity, proving ground and entity!!!!

:rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2:
Originally posted by leprykawn
Best ever? That's gotta be There But 4 the Grace of God

I second that Lepry - talk about edge of your seat action - and of course alternate sam's hair isn't as lame as in point of view ;)

but most of the others mentioned are great too:
Window of Opportunity
Urgo (hehe)
Proving Ground
Deadman's Switch (more more more Aris Boch!)
Double Jeopardy

i have a huge soft spot for season one's "solitudes" too - it may just be a "two people in a room story" but I like it.
O and a new fave of mine (i hadnt seen it in ages) is There but for the Grace of God!!!

lol i luv the sam and jack moment, even if its in an alternate reality!!
my favourite episodes are Beneath the Surface, Entity and Urgo
Ha, it's interesting that though I love a lot of em, the first ep that came to mind when I read the subject header was Window of Oportunity. it just made me laugh so damn hard. Aparently this is a common feeling among us:rolly2:
Although some of the episodes named will be from Season 5 this discussion doesn't really belong in the Season 5 thread. I will move it to General Discussions, but have edited the title to indicate that there may be possible spoilers for all those who have not seen many of the episodes listed!

Re: Fave ep of all time

I'm gonna cheat too.
In the line of duty, There but for the grace of God, Window of Opportunity.
Coming close are Solitudes, 1969 and The devil you know. Oh, and Foothold is pretty good too.
oh i hate being in the majority but i have to say WoO, and really close behind that is Nemisis:rolly2: :rolly2:
I have soo many

Singularity, Solitudes, In the Line of Duty, Urgo, Jolinars Memories, The Devil you Know, Divide and Conquer, Window of Oppertunity, Entity, Ascension, Desperate Measures, Descent, Nightwalkers, Metamorphosis

LOTS!!!! :D
I'm loving Paradise lost, just love the chemasty of the 2 characters...no naming names if someone hasn't seen it...
also Metamorphasis...

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