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Jul 17, 2001
Just a couple of comments about the new series' opening credits.

I think its really unfair not to give Amber Benson a starring place in the credits. She may not play our favorite character, but she's earned it. She's been with them a long time, usually appearing in every episode. She's the love interest of one of the lead characters, like Anya. Emma "Anya" Caulfield has been on longer, but Tara has almost as many scenes each week. If Marc "Riley" Blucas can get a place in the credits, why can't Amber, just because she isn't sleeping with Buffy?

Does anyone else think that it's ironic that the last frames that compose the credits are that cock-eyed view of Buffy in the leather coat as she first challenged Glory at the construction site. Ironic, of course, because it's not Buffy, it's the Buffy-amation. A prominent place in the opening credits for the Buffy-bot.
Is Riley still in the credits? Damn, that must mean he's coming back. Major p*sser.
[VAMPette: Is Riley still in the credits?]

No, I didn't mean to imply that he was still in the credits, but he had a place among the stars when he was on.
Yeah I do think thats a little unfair not to put Tara in the opening credits...she has been in it for a while now...she should be in the titles:(
Maybe she's on her way out. I can't see any other reason for excluding her.
yeah well if willow gonna might be the new big bad maybe they break up and she leaves or summat. The increase in power could go to Willows head. Absloute power corrupts absolutely.
Just a thought, how come Alyson Hannigans name is now at the end with a "as willow", does that mean shes more important then before, if so then yay :D, and giles has been bumped off the credits too, whats the reason for both of these things?

Thanks in advance

[Stevie: how come Alyson Hannigans name is now at the end with a "as willow"... and giles has been bumped off the credits too, whats the reason...?

Giles: Anthony is moving home to England to be with his family. There was also a creative decision that since the Buffy crew was growing into adulthood there was less reason for a mentor and limited possibilities for Giles as a Buffy side-kick.

Joss used the opportunity to pitch a show originally called "The Watcher", starring Anthony, to the BBC. They accepted and it is supposed to air as a short series, about a half-dozen shows I believe.

According to IMDb, the show is now being called "Ripper" and they say it will air in 2002.

Willow: I don't really know about the credit change but I'd speculate that it may be a career thing. After all, her "American Pie" films are successful. She or her agent probably have negotiated a more prominent title just to enhance her name recognition.

[Stevie: Thanks in advance]

Your very welcome.
Originally posted by obcooke

[Stevie: Thanks in advance]

Your very welcome.


Oh so the new Giles show is going a head then....Im a happy girl:D
I think there was something mentioned a while ago (but don`t quote me on this one) that one of the main characters was going to be given the old heave-ho and go the way of the Buffster sans resurrection spell and it is looking like Amber Benson is the prime candidate, which is a shame because even though she doesn`t really do alot except help Willow with spells...I think the character has alot of potential.
Besides, all Anya does is stand next to Xander and occasionally offer a bit of advice on the demon of the week, and she`s in the credits.
Willow, Buffy, and Spike are turning out to be the stars of the show with Xander, Anya, Tara, and Dawn being the sidekicks. What happened to the good old days when everyone played a part.
And I for one am looking forward to Ripper. Sounds great, I love the Giles character and there is certainly a lot of room for development beyond what can be done on Buffy. Plenty of skeletons in his closet...:)

And as for putting the Buffybot at the end of the credits, I think that was probly just cos that`s the only decent zooming shot they`ve got other than the ones they`ve been using and they probly thought either no one would notice or no one would care. It doesn`t matter really, its still SMG.
just bringing this one back to life now i've seen the new credits ;)

I did think it was odd that Alyson got an "And Alyson Hannigan as Willow", but to be honest I didn't even notice the lack of Tara...
I thought that the titles seem very short..I know its only Giles missing but even so.....;)

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