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ST: VI - The Undiscovered Country.

ray gower

Well-Known Member
Jun 5, 2001
The 'House of' thingy would be a lot like Scottish clans wouldn't they?
As such a clan can carry a lot of sub-clans and branches, like the Clan Ferguson includes Ferries, MacFergus etc.

So that allows Worf to remain Son of Mogh of the House of Mogh, whilst Mogh's father was Son of Worf, House of Mogh.

Assuming IIRC is correct and Colonel Worf was related to Worf at all!
Comes to that Colonel seems an unusual rank for Klingons, I've never heard it used before or since!

Jonathan C

Well-Known Member
Nov 3, 2012
"There's an old Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China." -- spoken, of course, by Mr. Spock!

i love this line (tho i forget exactly how i interpreted it - i know i gave 2 examples - just can't remember what they were) -- i think one was -- only Nixon would be stupid enough to do it -- and there was something else, and i can't remember - tho i should --
Nixon was a pronounced anti-Communist, so only he could sign a deal with Communist China and not look like a sissy for doing it. The people at home wouldn't think he was a sympathiser, which means the Chinese could respect the deal and take it seriously when their most dogged enemy is the one making it. If he makes the deal, then nobody will object.

Hence, only Kirk could go to Quonos. If the greatest enemy of the Klingon Empire, a man with a deep-seated prejudice against them no less, if he can go and co-operate with them, then nobody at home can say anything against it.

It took 11 years, but there is the answer.

Anyway, great film. Prefer it to Wrath of Khan.

The Ace

Scottish Roman.
Jun 6, 2006
Aye. Have a dream !
Klingon houses take their name from the present head, thus;

House of Mogh
House of Martok
House of Quark (that was an episode and a half :D)

Had things gone to plan, Worf would've been head of the house of Worf on the death of his father, and if General Martok has no other sons, the House of Martok will become the House of Worf and subsequently the House of Alexander in the fullness of time.

As the head of his house, Worf's great-grandfather represented the house of Worf.

(By those rules, I would've been born into the House of Patrick (my grandfather) within months, I would've been a member of the House of James (his eldest son) and by the time I left school I would've been in the House of Hugh (a cousin I've never met), or the House of George (my father's second-eldest brother who may have challenged to lead the house) and then the House of Ian. At birth, I would've been Andrew, Son of Charles, of the House of Patrick - surnames are much easier.)
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