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Dec 4, 2000
what is you ALL TIME favorite stunt jarod pulled? i know mine: when the center had jarod's father and he had mr. parker prisoner. when he just shows up in the center....the way broots comes in to tell MP and the expression on her face when she realizes she's going to have to let him walk out. i think that was the best.
i think it might have to be in "Ghosts From The Past" where he's got the guy from "Keys" tied up to that cross and he's holding a torch - and tells the guy 'it's not guts i need to burn you at the stake. it's another part of my anatomy. And believe me. I've got those.' <accompanied by an evil grin> - he lights the fire that burns the letters out in the cross bar of the stake then, roasts a marshmallow in the flames!! hehehe -- totally freaked that guy out!!
yes, but Sydney understands Jarod, the others really don't - they think they do, but they only know what Jarod lets them know --
Giving parker the flu and then gluing her to a floor later in the ep.

Mailing Parker and Lyle to the Centre.

Blowing up a DA's boat.

i like the one where he used 'play dough' (it had a different name) to alter that plastic surgeon's face -- that woman was mean! but, he altered her face to 'get her back' for ruining a little girl's face to save the face of an expensive client ---
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