Channel Seven Stargate Promo Collection Beta2


queer as folk
Sep 5, 2000
Hey guys last week during my school holidays i managed to make Beta2 version of the tape with all of channel 7's stargate promos. And it is sooo kewl to watch :D
now i am missing a few promos still so could everyone sift through their archives again please :)
so far the video goes for 37minutes and im missing heaps of promos and season 4 hasnt finished yet. so hopefully it will be about 40 minutes one day!!!

A list of promos i need are:

Season 1
Children Of The Gods (I have this promo in MPEG format on my computer, but i need it on video)
and all of season 1 (apart from the enemy within, There but for the grace of god, politics, within the serpents grasp)

Season 2
New Series Of Stargate (Before A Matter Of Time and Fifth Race's season 3 return)
The Tok'ra Part 1
A Matter Of Time
The Fifth Race
Out Of Mind

Season 3
Point Of View
Deadman Switch

Season 4
Small Victories (i have this in realplayer format, i need it on video)
The First Ones (If seven melbourne show a promo for this episode)

and if you have anything of stargate from Australian TV that can go on the tape as well. (e.g. Station ID's, news articles, promos, before advertisement clips, etc.)
At the end of season 4 (or when channel seven stop showing stargate again) i am going to make copies of the completed tape for distribution to all parties interested.

so there's the update for ya!
My apologies, josh, but I don't think I can help on that one :(
i have half of the DMS one, i'll check it on the weekend to see how long it is and then get back to u

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