Another Charactor from Buffy on Paramount


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Feb 28, 2001
The actor, Harry Groener, who played the Mayor on Buffy appeared on Caroline in the City. He was playing the opposite of his charactor on Buffy. he was a 'bum'. He had messy hair, a slight beard, a rough voice and messy and dirty clothes and no care for hygiene! :eek:
Has there evr been a misjudgement when it comes to character? The Anointed One maybe could have been different.
True...I suppose the reason why he wasn't effective was because even if he did turn into his vamp face in real wouldn't be scared of him, I'd probably just laugh.
you know Willy (the guy behined the bar) well he was in, and still is, in Becker!! Thats on Paramount too!!

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I have paramount but I just can't seem to find American humour funny.
Some of it is funny, but some is a bit.................hmmm!! I find Fraiser funy ( and Buffy o'cource ) but apart from that, i agree with ya!!

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Fraiser is the most boring thing ever. Anthony Stewart Head is in a programme called Silent Witness on BBC1.
SImpsons is great as well, just got my first Simpsons DVD :cool:
But Frasier isn't boring, its v funny, you just need to watch a whole episode to watch it build upto a climax...
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Frasier is a fantastically funny show, easily the best US comedy of the last decade...

Oh you are so right..I used to hate it..but I watched a few and really got into it and I thought it was really funny! :D