The Pretender: 2001

Highlander II

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Jun 6, 2001
Thoughts, comments, reviews, ideas on this movie?

The Pretender: 2001 -- a TNT production that picks up where the series left off and answers a couple questions, but poses enough of its own to keep us all guessing.
anyone have any idea what might have happened to ethan? he with MP, and then....who knows? maybe he's hididng, maybe the center has him, what happened to him?
Honestly, I don't remember the movie that well. the hair distracted me... no, actually, I think there have been better episodes than this movie, but it did create new openings for fututre movies, maybe a resurgance of the show... it basically was a door opening, IMO
the movie was kind of frustrating because it was supposed to answer all these questions, but all it really did was pose more and more questions. the only thing that really got answered was what really happened to Mrs. Parker.
yeah, see? it makes all these new questions, and makes room for a new movie to come out. Or maybe, they are b*stards, and they'll never answer anything....
i wonder if they know chris carter....they sure seem to take lessons from him on how to be a pain in the.......
well - Ethan was w/ Jarod at the beginning of the movie - and he left for some reason - oh, to help MP (i think) -- it's been a while since i watched the movie - i was angry over MTW's hair and had a hard time concentrating on the story - not to mention - the plot kinda sucked ----

and Steven and Craig said they were gonna answer more questions in the next movie (in a chat b4 the 1st one)
so translated that means they'll answer 1 or 2 ???'s and create all new ones!!!!!!
um - yeah - probably

be on the lookout -- Steve and Craig might do another chat sometime around the airing of the next movie ---

TNT has this habit of having chats at inoportune times tho -- like just b4 the movie, or just after it --- oh -yeah - sure - we're all just hanging around the computer while the movie's on waiting to chat -- um - duh! give ppl time to get to the computer -- maybe have a snack --

man - have the chat the next day! i know they sometimes have to work around the schedules of the ppl they want as guests, but be fair to the fans too -- ya know???
Announcement from Operation Save the Pretender

Okay - got this from one of my mailing lists -- (and figured it was okay to post here b/c i'm sure it's all over the site) -- but, if you live in France, they are going to air the 1st movie -- don't know how many others in Europe will get to see it -- but this is what i've found:

From: "Operation - Save the Pretender" <opstp@o...>
Date: Thu Oct 4, 2001 2:00 am
Subject: Attn: French fans

M6 has an announcement on their website that the first Pretender movie will air on October 19th. We don't speak French, so we're not totally sure of the exact wording, but it definitely states the 19th as the premiere date.

For details, head to Pretender portion of the M6 website: .

Hopefully this will be just the first announcement regarding airings of the Pretender movies outside the U.S. If we hear anything else, we'll be sure to pass it on.

Yours in fandom,
The Op - StP Folks

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