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There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Talk about 'em all! Jarod, Miss Parker, Mr. Lyle and anyone else who ever graced an episode!

Don't leave out Kyle and Mr. Fenigore and Gar!
My fave and why (other than Jarod, which is a given)--

I like the Centre's 3 Stooges- Ms. Parker, Sydney, and Broots.

Miss Parker is just as loud, snappy, and spifire as I am. Plus she dresses so damn good (Why can't my eyeliner go on that good? My hair was never that pretty when it was that color.)

Sydney is a Marty Sue at times, but he plays it so well. He heads Miss Parker off at the turn more often than not, and when he doesn, he doesn it with panache and dignity. He also can shoot down Mr. Raines when everyone is coughing at his air tank.

Broots is sweet (aww, he took his baby girl to Paris), stuttery, afraid of Miss Parker, and H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! He gets so afraid around Miss Parker when she gets into one of her *moods*. He was so *sweet* to Miss Parker, though, in "At the Hour of Our Death," but it left me with some questions of UST going on with him. Oh well, all the better for him to get more air time.

I also love Angelo, but he just got a crappy deal.
This is soooooooooo cool. Hadn't realised we'd got a Pretender forum on the go. I live in the UK and sorely miss watching 'The Pretender'. Jarod was soooooooooooooooooo cool. He was great as all the different characters he played.

annette :D
well - i'm gonna toss out one of my faves --

Sam the Sweeper -- he kinda gets over-looked and under-used. he's a wonderful character -- (not to mention the guy who playes him - Sam Ayers - is hilarious - well, in the chat transcript i read he was great!) -- he slinks around behind MP, following her orders, doing as he's told -- but he only shows when they might be going to get Jarod -- there are many other areas to use such a character -- Sweepers generally have the job of bringing in the 'subjects', but Sam is so prominent a sweeper - he must be more important --

Willie is the ohter well known sweeper -- he's Raines' lackey - i don't know as much about Willie - b/c i don't like Raines - but he could be used more too --

kinda funny how some minor characters become increasingly popular!
i love miss parker. she has such great style! she's the only one who can scare pretty much anyone on the show. the only one who has never really seemed afraid of her is her father. although he does have this big fear of her finding out the truth about the past. maybe he's afraid of what she'll do, or maybe he's just afraid of losing her. when they talked to all the actors during the filming of the first movie they pretty much all agreed: miss parker is the most powerful character on the show. she's just got S-T-Y-L-E!!!!

Miss Parker, to Broots: Run profiles on all the potential targets within a 500-mile radius of the Centre. Everything this crew might be interested in. And I want everything you can find on this Detective Evans. If he stole a Baby Ruth when he was 6, I want to know how many nuts it had.
You HAVE to read H2's story with Sam in it. Hard to tell she loves him here? Just read Naked Jarod, and see how devoted he is to his job.

I think he was just more interested in sitting in her chair. :D J/K

BTW, Annette, we're new, so stop back, ya here? yee haw! (better stop that, scaring ppl away....) Sorry!
Hi Morrigan, am a great fan of the pretender. Being in the UK we don't get it on Sky One anymore. Its greatly missed. Miss Parker is a woman not to be messed with. I always felt sorry for Broots. Such a shame he had such a *cow* for a boss.

annette :)
i like broots the best on his few interactions with jarod. he always acts so scared, like he's not quite sure what jarod will do to him. i mean, when you think about it, he's the only one who didn't spend literally years around jarod. he just gets so jumpy, i love it!
Hi Annette :D

yeah, I like Broots/Jarod adventures, too. Broots may have been jumpy around him, but nowhere near as bad as he gets around MP. I think maybe he is less afraid of the ever-elusive pretender than he is of her.
i know, he even gets afraid when he finds something out about her past. if it weren't for sydney he may never get up the guts to tell her about some of it.
thank you, Morrigan for promoting one of my 5 finished fanfics --

yes, Annette (and anyone else) -- follow the link in my sig and you can get to the few finished pieces i have posted --

i write really slowly ---

anyway ---- Broots - i think he's afraid of MP and Jarod - not sure whether i think he's more afraid of one than the other - b/c we don't seem him w/ Jarod that much - and he's much jumpier for the duration of time he's w/ Jarod than w/ MP -- see ep "Betrayal" -- he's really jumpy around Jarod - it's amusing --
maybe it's just because he's kind of used to getting attacked by miss parker. i think he almost expects it by now
maybe so ---

but, i honestly think she puts on a show when she's attacking Broots -- it's not b/c she doesn't like him, she does, she respects him too - (and he does get a bit bolder in later seasons) -- she just doesn't want her exterior to look flawed or cracked -- and showing kindness to Broots would be a flaw -- so she's mean - either that, or b/c her mother was taken from her when she was young, she was not brought up w/ kindness being part of her daily life ---

tho, she does know some, b/c she is kind to Debbie Broots --
ok, i know this is a little wierd...but does anyone else think that lyle's sexy? cause i was just watching an episode where he has his shirt off and DANG! i'm sorry, i know i'm twisted, but i don't know.... maybe it's just my attraction to the bad boys. i don't know. i have problems.
lol, dru, Lyle's quite sexy. *grins* I really started thinking that when Jarod dumped a bucket of water over him while he was shirtless....*gets lost in thought*


Where was I?

Oh yeah...even if I think he's sexy, all I have to say is I thought he was screwed up and generally scary when MP and Co. found the shed in his apartment, now he really scares me after this ep.

Cannibalism. *shudder*

However....he's still *sigh*.


Yes, I know I'm pretty screwed up too, huh? :D
so you got distracted by the same part i did? the pouring water over lyle's body.......
oops! i get distracted so easily:naughty:
whoever said bad boys can't be sexy??

i love Mr. Lyle! he's a wonderful character --

and Jamie Denton IS sexy! (he's got a great voice too - and an excellent sense of humor! -- he was a guest at one of the Yahoo Chats - audio chat - you could hear the guests! it was really cool!)

well, generally i'm watching JAG at 1900, however, that part of last night's episode - "Agent of the Year Zero" -- was on while JAG was at a commercial -- i LOVE that part!! not sure whether it's b/c Lyle has his shirt off or b/c Jarod, in that tight black shirt, is torturing Lyle ---- but it's a great scene!! but, then i had to go back to JAG -- Harmon Rabb, Jr. ROCKS!! (JAG plug!)
i think it's just all that sexiness in one room together. it's intoxicating.
However, after that...the little scene with MP and Lyle in his office while he's eating "something" with chopsticks was mildly disturbing...

Poor MP...


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