The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

no he didn't - Jarod didn't do the DNA test - Miss Parker gave it to Broots to have him have someone run it -- Jarod never ran any tests - he just looked at the files and said he'd narrowed the list down to either Angelo or Lyle as MPs brother --

and since i'm positive Broots has no idea how to run DNA analysis, anything could have happened to the sample MP got from Lyle - including, but not limited to, Lyle switching the sample of blood - *knowing* MP was gonna run that test - Lyle's not as stupid, or as out of the loop as he sometimes looks or seems - he's got a good bead on things and knows what's going on --

trust me - there are ways around that blood test MP had run and anyone could still be MPs twin - (except Jarod -b/c he was very sure about that) -- so, it would either be Angelo or Lyle - but it's possible --

remember - this show isn't 'cut and dry' - not like Buffy where if Joss writes something it's nearly gospel as far as canon goes - The Pretender is founded on mystery and intrigue - nothing is simple -- it's meant to keep you guessing ------ so even blood tests can be red herrings ---
correct me if i'm wrong, but lyle didn't know before the tests that he could be parker's brother. and maybe he isn't her brother, but i think we probably would have found that out by now. they have enough to tackle with the movies without adding more stuff. i mean, i think they've added enough problems with the series and the last 2 movies without adding more. but hey, i could be wrong. before the first movie i never would have guessed that raines was their father so....
well - from what we could see - Lyle didn't know he might be MPs brother --

however, that doesn't mean that he didn't have some idea -

or wasn't trying to throw MP off whatever trail she was following -

and yeah - there are all kinds of new questions w/ the 2 movies - and i wonder if Steve and Craig will ever answer enough of them to satisfy the fans ------
So highjlander 2 you think angelo might be MP's real bro. That was what I thoght. It also that what MP was hoping for. though i think she would hope for anyone else but a murderous pycho.

I think it is Lyle. Mr. P knew the results of the DNA test before MP revealed them. He was the resources and the persurverence to get the right result.

Also, it was hinted in an early 2nd season ep. that Mr P was not her father. The suspect I beleive they gave was Ma Parker's summer estate caretaker.

you kinda had to know that raines was her father. at the end of the first movie when they suggested that mr. p might not be it, you immediately start looking at who else it could be. the only other adult males that they've really had on the show are sydney, major charles, and mr. raines (well, adult males old enough to be her father). sydney would make things too easy. Major charles would team her up with jarod to easily. they can't have them just suddenly together, it wouldn't be believable. the one that's the most interesting and causes the most conflict is raines.

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